School Teachers - what are some of your favourite cards sent to your class?

For the first time today, I actually drew an official card for a school class and it got me to thinking… what do I write to a bunch of 13-14 year olds in another country? What are they going to enjoy? What will they find funny or inspiring that I can even fit on a tiny little card?

I’ve seen some posts in the forum time and again from teachers asking if people would be kind enough to send their class a card so I thought I’d ask.

Teachers, what have been the kinds of cards your students have really enjoyed getting? Do I go for a picture of my city and a fact or two about it? Do I show off the national wildlife or talk about my job and how much I love/hate it? Do I sticker the back of that card up like crazy or do a little hand drawn sketch?

This is the first time I’ve ever drawn an official card for a classroom and I really want to send a fun one so any thoughts on what your students have found funny/inspiring/interesting or anything that’s really sparked their curiosity would be amazing to know. Not so I can copy but so I can be inspired myself.


I’m not a teacher, but I did draw an official card for a school class recently. I just put interesting facts on the card that I thought a school kid might like. For example, the world’s first videogame was invented where I live.

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Hi, a teacher here! :smiley:
Recently we have received more than 20 cards of nice forummembers. Yesterday it was my class’s turn to look at the cards we received. I had a special request of proverbs, but I noticed that the fronts with maps or tourist cards with the name of the city are the ones who had the most attention as my students were curious where the card came from and checked the worldmap.