Sao Tome & Principe

Visiting Sao Tome for a few days and sending some cards as usual. Unfortunately postage is expensive at 2,5€ or slightly more in Dollar. I have 26 cards to send… My first official Postcrossing card was ST-256. Someone sent a lot of cards from here 10 years ago. The post office in the capital Sao Tome:

And the philatelic section which had postcards and lots of different stamps:

Selection of postcards I bought there:

Finally the stamp valid for all countries but I have to tear it out first so I have space for writing the addresses:

Angola and Sao Tome & Principe are easy to combine coming from Europe via Portugal and there is one weekly direct flight between Angola and STP taking only two hours.


Thank you for sharing again!
It’s always nice to see your travel photos and wondering where you will go next.

Those postcards and stamps looks awesome. :heart_eyes:

As always, safe travels and hope all your cards will arrive safely at their destinations too. :blush:

Thank you for sharing your experience :slightly_smiling_face:
The postcards are amazing!

It looks absolutely beautiful from the postcards, I hope you had a great trip x

It seems some of African countries have good mail flight connections with post ruling European countries

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So nice you are sending all these cards from such a great place! Keep up the good work.