✅ Sandbox categories available to select in new topic

I started a new topic in the Trades section, and when I tried to pick a category from the drop down list, it allowed me to select a category that was linked to the sandbox.

(I ended up not tagging it with the Postcards sub-category, which I probably should have, 'cause I wasn’t sure which to choose. I notice there are postcard swaps both in the main category and the sub category).

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:flushed: I’m a bit surprised that nobody report this before! Thank you so much Helen — it’s not something that should have been there.

When I created the category, I wasn’t sure whether to make it compulsory for people to choose one of the subcategories… but now I think it would be a good idea, to keep things tidier. What do you think?


I think it’s a good idea having to select a subcategory. Tidyness is good when we get even more posts here!


I agree, I think choosing the sub category should be forced. It just keeps things cleaner.

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Cool! Let’s do that then. I’ll set this topic to auto-destruct in a few hours, since we’ve fixed this. :slight_smile:


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