San Mateo, CA: Postcrossing's Birthday 2024 on July 14 (SUNDAY)

:world_map: CITY/REGION: San Mateo, CA
:round_pushpin: MEETUP PLACE: Hillsdale Shopping Center (Food Court)
:calendar: DATE: Jul. 14th, 2024 (Sunday)
:alarm_clock: TIME: 11:00 AM - 2:00 PM
:page_facing_up: MEETUP PLAN:

Postcrossing’s 19th birthday. It needs to be celebrated by our local thriving Postcrossing community!

:point_up: Please make sure to read the Meetup Guidelines before signing up for a meetup.

What are we going to do?
-Signing meetup cards (maximum of 30 postcards to pass around per attendee)
-Get to know each other more (this is very important because this will link to a future meetup)
-Food fight! (I’m kidding)

What should you bring?
-To save time and energy, strongly suggest a rubber stamp with your name. Or you can also print half inch or smaller stickers with your name. Up to you. Rubber stamps do smear, especially if it’s not quick drying ink. Or just bring a good pen or marker! :writing_hand:
-Postcards you want to get rid of. Yeah, all those annoying ones! :stuck_out_tongue:
-Bring a quirky hat or any sort of headgear :cowboy_hat_face:
-Your wallet with license if you’re driving and if you want to buy something :sweat_smile:
-Your drunken happy self! :star_struck:

Postcard design: If you would like to design a postcard, please let me know! Some things that I’d like for the designs to have are:
-Celebratory theme
-SF Bay Area/California

I would like to pop in the order for postcards by Jun 25th so that is also the deadline to send in your designs. And pleaseeeeeeeeee remember to adhere to the logo guidelines if you wish to use the logo.


Sounds like this will be a fun meeting… with the potential to end up in the news :laughing:!


And this shopping mall is such a posh one…:eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Hello! My name is Sonali, and I am from San Diego. This will be my first meetup in the Bay Area (and my first non-SD meetup). Does this work as an RSVP? How do I put in an order for the meetup postcards? Thank you.


Yayyyyyyyyy! Can’t wait to meet you! RSVP is recommended so I can keep count. :stuck_out_tongue: And I will take postcard orders once a design is finalized :smiley:

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Thank you for the welcome. How do you organize your meetup? Do you play games with prizes? If so, I’d love to contribute. I think I RSVP’d by checking “Going.”. Would you please verify? Thank you!

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I don’t know if I can make it yet, but I’m going to keep my eye on this thread!

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Yesss, I have you down. :smiley: I usually do a little raffle towards the end but this time I want to try and experiment. Thank you so much for offering to contribute! I’ll update the post once I have formulated an activity :heart_eyes:

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Hopefully you can make it! I didn’t get a chance to talk to you during the Stamp Show :frowning:

Hello! I’m Abran from the LA area. That weekend I will be in San Jose to attend Obon the day before the meetup so I won’t have to go far on Sunday. Would be an honour to meet you Bay Area Postcrossers! See you then!


Adding to my calendar :spiral_calendar:


I am planning to attend, and I might bring a friend along.

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Thank you for putting this together, Rumana! I look forward to seeing you again after meeting you at Westpex :two_hearts: If odd numbers are okay, I’d like 15 cards please!


Hi folks, I have 2 designs that were shared with me so far. If you’re interested in designing the meetup card, please let me know!

I would like to! Would you be okay communicating over discord?

sure! My username is the same on discord :smiley:

Great! Just sent a friend request.

Hello, I’m interested! Would like 20 cards.

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Hi I would like to reserve 20 cards

sounds great! Count me in