San Francisco Mini-Meetup - February 21, 2021

:world_map:  CITY/REGION: San Francisco, California
:pushpin:  MEETUP PLACE:Picnic Area Crissy Field - public open area
:alarm_clock:  DATE & TIME:Sunday, February 21, 2021 - 10-11am PCT.
:page_facing_up:  MEETUP PLAN:Sign/Stamps Postcards, postcards discussion, Bingo and any other fun activity proposed by attendees.

Directions to Venue

  • By Car
    Google directions to “Hamilton St. Parking”. This is the parking lot next to the Picnic Area at Crissy Field. From the parking lot to the picnic area is 3 minutes walking.

  • By Bus
    Route 101 Northbound - Santa Rosa - Stop at Golden Gate Bridge/Toll Plaza - walk 10 minutes to the Crissy Fields Picnic area

COVID-19 considerations

The Maximum number of attendees for this mini-meetup is 5 - Five people including myself (organizer). The attendee’s selection will be defined by the first people that sign-up for the event. I can keep 2 people in the waiting list in case we have a last minute cancellation.

  • Attendees are required to wear masks at all times. Please bring your hand sanitizer for personal use as we are going to pass postcards around to be signed by the attendees.

  • To promote Social Distance, I will get two pic-nic tables for our group.

  • Please do not attend to the meetup if on the day of the event you are not feeling well. Take care of yourself first and think of others.

  • Foods and drinks cannot be shared.


I will have bingo cards with Postcrossing related theme so we can play to win a small prize. The prize will be Postcrossing Meetups I have on hand.

What to bring

Bring pens, your stamp, any cards you want the attendees to sign for you, washi tape, and anything else you would like to bring.

San Francisco Mini-Meetup theme postcard

The Meetup postcard will be available on the day of the event and the price at cost for each card is $0.60. Please let me know how many cards you want to order ahead of the day of the event. Redesigned on 02.07.21. For direct swaps, please send me a private message.


Please use the Postcrossing Forum “Going” button to register. The 5 first people that register will be placed on the maximum five attendee list. The following 2 people to register will be placed on the Waiting list.
I won’t be able to track the chat activity in the Forum, so please only “use the Going button to register”.
Thank you for understanding that this is a mini-meetup due to our current pandemic situation!
I am looking forward to meet new folks and diffuse the Postcrossing joy!


1 - Graziela - Aviacionado
2 - Monica
3 - Postcentrum
4 -
5 -

Waiting list

1 -
2 -

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Hi. Can i swap with someone?
I can offer cards from our meet-up.


Off course dear! send me a private message for the exchange.


I would like to exchange PC as well. I sent you message already :slight_smile:


Hi there,
You have beautiful postcards! Let’s swap.
Send me a private message. I also have Brazi, New Jersey, Boston, Chile and Munich postcrossing meetup cards to swap.

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I send your message

I’m sorrry I missed this. I would have gone! I’m new so just learning. Do you have any extra SF Meeting up cards? I can swap anything you like? Kathryn

Off course Katryn. Please send me a private message.

Off course let’s trade. Please send me a private message with your address. Unfortunately, is hard to tell when we’re sending a private message or sending an open public message, so the system administrators block any private content containing addresses for protection. Please send me a private message by clicking on my name and sending a message.
Thank you.

Hi! Can I get a postcard for exchange?

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Sure. Send me a private message for exchange.