Sad face-- wrote wrong ID numbers

I just got my second email saying a postcard from me may have had an incorrect ID. I have always made sure to write the ID twice on my cards so I know it was not forgetting. And, well, I sent 6 out last week so odds the rest aren’t messed up are not in my favour. The one time you don’t double check. Oops I don’t usually print out addresses but since I was going to curl up in my writing chair I thought having the addresses all together would help me, I guess not. One at a time for me going forward.


It happens to all of us & remember pandemic stress makes us a bit foggy often plus our handwriting may be easy to read or not right?

This is one of the reasons I always put my ID name on my cards & ask others to do the same, so things like this can be sorted out more easily.


My pandemic brain will try and remember ID name as well. :slight_smile: Thanks!


I forgot to write the ID on a postcard to Austria once. I felt sooo embarrassed lol


Yes. I also learned this the hard way. :grimacing:


Been there, done that. Mistakes can happen to everone.

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I try and always write the ID first if possible. The one time I have been dinged on it I am pretty sure I didn’t do this and was distracted by something. I also try to write it in a different color. Makes it easier for the recipient to find it and makes it easier for me to double check before sliding it into the box.


I do try and write the ID first. Thinking I may have transposed address and ID shrug. I do like the idea of writing ID in a different colour. Will have to see what’s in my writing desk.

Thanks all, I figured I was not the only one. And there is a first time for everything…like my first forum post!!

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Hey friends. Thinking back I think I forgot to write the postcard ID on my most recent postcard (yikes!) Should I resend a different card with the ID number or will that just cause more confusion? I feel really bad. if there’s anything I can do to rectify the situation, I want to do it :weary:

It’s happened to all of us, don’t worry. I wouldn’t do anything yet.

Firstly, when the receiver tries to register it, they can request help from the PC team, who usually can find out the ID pretty quickly.

Secondly, if you will feel better being proactive, you can send the person a message saying you’ve realised you forgot to write the ID, and tell them what it is,and maybe what is on the front of the card, so they can identify your card.

But I would suggest don’t do this until more than the usual travel time to that country has passed, and also be careful to be very clear you are not asking them to register without receiving.


Today i got a mail from postcrossing saying that i forgot the write ID but i always check many times and write ID multiple times ! Also today there was no registeration from my travelling postcards. However i got a information&caution mail… My countrie’s alphabet is Latin so my handwriting not hard to discriminate. … Still feel like blaming and mistaken…

Maybe it was just gotten wet or some information sticker put over etc. Or this time you forgot.
I think the mail sent to you is to know someone asked help to get the right id, nothing to feel blamed about :slight_smile: They will get the right id, so I think they will register the card soon.

Or, some one like me was trying to register it: once the id was written with light neon green. I simply didn’t see there was an id. Once I thought there was something wrong with the id, and tried different ones. But when I got the mail back, the id was exactly what I tried at first, and it worked :smiley:
Once one number of the id was under a postage stamp, and I didn’t think to look there.

Maybe rather think someone want to register your card, and has asked help, and all this is good :+1:


Happened to a postcard I rececived earlier this year. There was a sticker over part of the ID. I saw there was an ID there, but I wasn’t able to figure out the numbers.

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