Sacred Heart School (Sioux City, IA)

I saw this post on Facebook and thought some of you would want to send the classroom a postcard.!

Please mail all post cards to:

Sacred Heart School
Mrs. Sawyer’s Kindergarten
5010 Military Road
Sioux City, IA 51103
United States of America


I am sending a card from Minnesota.

One on it’s way from Albany, NY.
@JustinOfTerrytown Thanks for the heads up!
:turtle: TurtlePoint

WOW! Since PR is extremely disproportionate in this map(to big compared to the rest of the USA) I feel obliged to send them a card!:rofl:


Sending one out ASAP.

Will send from Aotearoa/New Zealand :slight_smile:

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Sending one from Colorado! Good luck to the class on their project!

I’m sending a card from Ore Mountain

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Will send one from Yokohama, Japan!
I also graduated from school also named Sacred Hearts when I used to live in USA, so super happy to help! :wink:

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sending one from Montana, and also some from my cat, Gulliver.

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I am sending a card from Finland! :postbox: :finland:

Sending one from Vermont!

Sending one from Florida! :love_letter::mailbox:

Sending from malaysia

Hi, I’ll send one from Fl

Hi. I’ll send one from Hong Kong

Happy to mail to this class!