Russian mail question (From U.S. to Russia)

Hello, This is my first post so if this question has already been asked recently please tag me on that post so I can reference to it.

I think this may be a 2 part question because answers may overlap with each other. A little background; this month I have been getting postcards from Russia (Yay!! :partying_face:) However, I sent out 6 cards to Russian friends since March and so far only one got returned to me as of last week. So my question to my U.S. Postcrossers is;

1- Is Russia allowed to mail into the U.S. (Through USPS) only, and not the U.S. to Russia?

2- Is mail getting stored somewhere for outgoing U.S. to Russia Correspondence? (None of my Russia friends have notified they got my postcard and yes, out of precaution I am writing my return address on the postcards to make sure they return back to me for accountability.

Thanks in advance for your reply. :grinning:

They can send us mail.

We cannot send mail to them.


The US has not accepted mail to Russia or Belarus since Mar 11, 2022 as a result of the war & airline restrictions.

You can check the The Postal Monitor gives an overview of mail disruptions around the world for current updates & the sources of the info which is updated regularly.

I wouldn’t assume mail is being held - I read somewhere it might be returned to you by USPS at cost but that was at the beginning of the war.


The best way to circumvent this issue at present:

Find an intermediary who is willing to forward your postcards. Most people are willing to do one or two out of the kindness of their hearts, but anything beyond that I’ve reimbursed for postage or “sweetened the deal” by sending unique cards, stamps, or other things they were after.

I think German post is of the more reliable in Europe, so if sending to Russia or Belarus at present, find yourself a cool German snd strike a deal

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I am in the UK which is still sending mail to Russia, please message if you need help.


Thank you so much for your kindness. :blush:

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Judging by the number of frozen Russia-Germany postcards, it is now difficult to call German mail one of the most reliable.

Can you tell me what’s wrong with accepting postcards from Russia to the USA? Officially, they have to walk, but a large number of users have a lot of postcards in the status of traveling for more than a month.

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I believe the reason that postcards from Russia take a while is that there is no direct route without USA flights. Instead, Russian cards are routed via Turkey and Germany instead?


I’m not sure. I’ve been receiving a good amount of cards and letters lately from Russia. Some of them actually in relatively quick travel times!

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I’m sending a card to Russia with United Nations stamps from Geneva. So i have to mail it to Switzerland for them to postmark.

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I’ve used Geneva for this, but NY is processed through USPS, so same restrictions.

No, United Nations doesn’t operate entirely by itself, they merely hand off outgoing mail to the national mail service in the country the office is located in. In the case of the New York office, all USPS postage rates and policies apply.
You can mail to Russia through the offices in Geneva or Vienna

A Postcrosser in Detroit has been running an experiment since early January on various ways of sending mail to Russia. Read the thread here: Experiment: Delivery Times from USA to Russia via intermediary methods


I’m going visit my uncle in Germany later this year. Since postage stamps aren’t heavy and don’t take a lot of room in luggage, I might bring back German stamps for # postcards from Germany to Russia and stamps for # envelopes with 5 postcards from Germany to Russia, and offer the stamps here for US Postcrossers. I hope USPS starts shipping to Russia before I go to Germany, though.

(No requests in advance and no requests for specific stamps, please.)


I’ve removed a few posts from this topic, as we don’t want to host discussions about sending postcards “via country X” without the cards having postage from those countries. I hope you understand.

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I tried shipping from my country to Russia via Germany and the mail got returned to me 20 days later :")

Does UK still ship to Russia?

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Yes - UK still has open delivery to Russia.

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Thanks for the reply!

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