Rune stone celebration meetup in Oslo, Norway Saturday, February 18th, 2023 at 12pm

Det er mulig :blush: Har notert det nå.

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Everyone - the cards are on their way, according to Posten. :blush:

You can still order more if you like. I had to order 250 cards since our total was more than 100. The final price per card will depend on total order; after Perlia’s order of 15 it’s now down to 5.4 kr per card. The individual price per card will be lower the higher our total is. For those who don’t know: leftovers are thrown in paper recycling since I don’t need hundreds of old meetup cards lying around. There are 125 cards still available.

Hello from Germany.
I really like the MeetUp card. Maybe someone want to trade with me? Sadly I haven’t go Mettup Cards until yet, but if you tell me what you like we’ll finde something. Please feel free to PM me :bouquet:

@KAS You can add another 30 meetup postcards to me.

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Duly noted. :grinning: There are now 95 cards still available and price per card is down to 4.3 kr.

Update Feb 3 - now 45 cards still available, price per card down to 3.3 kr thanks to Inger71 ordering a few :wink:

Your card is cool
May I swap a meetup card from you here?
I could offer our latest meetup card.

Please PM me if someone interested in swap.
Thank you all.

Hello, very beautiful postcard, I want an exchange)
Postcards can be viewed here
Harry Potter Обмен Гарри Поттер – 170 Bilder | VK
Movies / cartoons / series Обмен:фильмы/мультфильмы/сериалы – 79 Bilder | VK
General exchange Обмен общий – 206 Bilder | VK
Vladivostok and lighthouses Обмен: Владивосток, маяки – 32 Bilder | VK
Meetings Обмен Встречные – 38 Bilder | VK

If nobody else want any of the remaining meetup I will take them.

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Great, they’re yours :grinning:

Hi all!! I would like to exchange postcards, I’m from Russia :blush::blush:let’s change)

Hello, Post crossers! I would love to receive a signed meet-up card from anyone please. Love from India. let’s exchange this meet-up card with a surprise card from India. Please hit me up at
Thank you!

I have this intense feeling that it’s Friday today :see_no_evil:

Y’all’s cards are prepped, packed and labelled. See you Saturday! (Not tomorrow. I know. Saturday!)

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I have had this feeling all week, but tomorrow it is finally Friday again.

Hi! I’d like to swap the postcard! I have many postcards from Italian meetups! if anyone is interested let me know :slightly_smiling_face:

On my way to «buss for tog» :see_no_evil: See you in a couple of hours!

Oh joy. When will you be in Oslo then?

Sitting on the det går faktisk et tog. Will be in Oslo in an hour.


If any of you already on the way, and would like postcards for kr 5, I recommend the shop (tourist shop and hat shop at Rådhusplassen/Tordenskoldsgate).

They still sold postcard for kr 5 yesterday.

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Approx 11.30, depends on which train I catch at Asker.

:joy: Those are the best trains!

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