Rude postcard received

Hello! What do you do if you receive a postcard with a rude message on it? Is there a way to report this?

Thank you in advance for any insight.


Yes, absolutely you can report it to Admin & ask them for help - it’s not okay to get rude messages.


What was rude in it? Maybe the person had bad English or a lack of understanding it and comes off as rude. Either way.
If it is an official card, guess what? After you register it, you will never see them again.

Just roll with the punches and move on.


I think it’s okay to just ask where to get help and not to let the all forum users discuss the contents. :+1:
The admin team is used to questions like yours.
Send them a photo of the text if you can or copy all the text to your email to them. They will tell you what to do. It might take a day or two until they get back to you, though, the team is quite small.


And if you don’t close this thread now, people will start to check OP received list and try to find the sender and we will have long discussion about this in this thread :sweat_smile:


I would not register it (yet), but ask help from the team, if I need to register it at all.
They can also look if other people complain about this same sender, and maybe contact this and guide what kinds of messages are propriate.

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That’s a good point :wink:

I will let this topic close in a few hours, so the OP has a chance to get back here if they like to.

Thank you everyone for the advice. That is just what I needed (since I couldn’t find the answer in the FAQ’s). I’m actually not asking for myself. Every single person I’ve received a card from has been truly amazing. I’m asking on behalf of a friend who signed up recently. Thank you again. I think I have all the info I need.

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