RTS unclaimed Australia (Vic)

hello, have a question.
In july I sent an envelope to an agency in Melbourne, today it came back with the word RTS unclaimed. does that mean the agency was closed? I heard that the state of Victoria had a very heavy lockdown just starting in July.

RTS = return to sender

Unclaimed may relate to a post office box , or the envelope was stored at the post office and no one fetched it. That may be due to a lockdown or because the agency no longer exists. Try to check on the internet.

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was not a po box, a normal address. the agency still exists.

RTS usually means they delivered it but the person at the address was not the person named on the envelope so they returned it to the post office.

But it is also possible the post office delivered it incorrectly (I see this all the time at work - mail is returned marked RTS and when we check the address all is correct).

Check the address with the agency, maybe ask them if they have had problems with the mail.

If you want, feel free to message me with the address and I can check is something looks wrong with it.

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thanks for your support, i send soon the address by message.

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