[RR] Winner Takes All RR - North America Edition

Please add me to 201 and 208! :game_die:

172, 197, 198 & 202 in the mail for tomorrow!

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Sending tomorrow:
L32, 169, 197, 199

@dnrhott - painting, thank you! It’s been hot here as well… it’s probably hitting heat records for our area at this time of year.

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Please add me to 200, 208, FF59

@ljbbauer awesome museum find! Love it

@ljbbauer for basketball I’ll watch men or women UConn, but not much NBA or WNBA.
nice fossil card!


L32 is going out today. :smiley:

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195 @Beachyblonde thanks for the Hemingway cats

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Woohoo! I received my big stack of postcards and envelopes from the mailman today!

Group 171
@ellistrations sent and adorable Purr-incess cat! Thank you! I always feel like I need more cat cards! They seem to be a favorite for many people!
@CrimsonKing sent a stunning “Oriental” cat! Love it, thank you! I like the cat-like fox washi! It really does look like a cat with fox colors! haha
@uconn sent a sweet kitty and girl in Seattle postcard! Ouch, that poor cat and the recliner! That could haven ended poorly!
@Citrine28 sent a precious shiny kitten postcard! I have a hard time parting with some of the cards I buy as well! Which is why the Write Back My Postcard Groups are so fun!! hahaha

Group 176
@LaurenceB sent a wonderfully decorated sea mammals postcard! I love the “beachy keen” sticker! hahaha Thank you!! I love the stamps as well!
@Citrine28 sent a very pink strawberry postcard! I love all of the summery stickers, thank you!!


Join 200 and FF59 please :smiley:

FF58 leaving tomorrow! @Mallowpuff you won fair and square, no need to send me a card back! Though I am super curious to see what you had chosen for me :smiley: Maybe I’ll get lucky next Friday and you can send it to me :wink:

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No worries @LaurenceB ! I saw you are in another group that I am in (Milestone 1500), so I now have your card all picked out!!

Received!! FF58 from @Beachyblonde! Wow that was quick, thank you!!! I have been to Key West once and remember it very fondly. I will try not to imagine how freaking delicious this pie must be…

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I would like to join: 201, 204, and 206 please!

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Was it postmarked Miami? Just curious! It was sent from the Southernmost USPS, but I sent one to myself from there as well and it’s not postmarked Key West. I had run out of time to go in and have it hand cancelled so now I’m really bummed! Anyways, what does yours say, if it’s legible?!

Group 200 - Surprise! 2 winners!

  1. CrimsonKing
  2. BarbL
  3. ellistrations
  4. Citrine28
  5. salemhouse
  6. scoutingbear
  7. uconn
  8. LaurenceB

@postbot roll 2d8

:game_die: 8, 2

Group 201 - Food & Drink

  1. Citrine28
  2. CrimsonKing
  3. scoutingbear
  4. ellistrations
  5. Mallowpuff

@postbot roll 1d5

:game_die: 4

Group 208 - Not from NA (send a postcard that isn’t from North America)

  1. CrimsonKing
  2. uconn
  3. salemhouse
  4. BeachyBlonde
  5. Citrine28

@postbot roll 1d5

:game_die: 5

Group 210 - Really Random!

  1. Citrine28
  2. salemhouse
  3. CrimsonKing
  4. scoutingbear
  5. BeachyBlonde

@postbot roll 1d5

:game_die: 3


Lots of winners this morning!

Group 200 The two winners are @BarbL and @LaurenceB :tada: :tada:

Group 201 The winner is @ellistrations :tada:

Group 208 The winner is @Citrine28 :tada:

Group 210 The winner is @CrimsonKing :tada:

Working on sending addresses now!