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400 Roulette

@TwoDoggies can see why this street art was in your not so great cards thanks

@Cynovian cool shaped card, thanks!

@architeuthis AgriPrincess. Fancy! Thanks!


:blue_heart: :smiley:


I received a wonderful postcard of a stamp from UK. The card is of The School of Art Glasgow 1990. PplSurprisingly it was the unwanted card! I also got a round dated cancellation with an Olympic stamp. :blush: Thank you, James!


Group 400
#8 reporting cards received:

So far, I’ve only gotten the Good cards!

#4 @uconn sent the postcardsmarket FOTW USA Thanks for adding this card to my collection.

#5 @Hazygirl sent a photo of an adorable puppy. So cute!!! It’s so worth it having a dog. But, it’s sad when they are gone. One of my “puppies” who had just turned 14 passed on last week.

#10 @Cynovian sent a RPPC of the Lincoln Memorial. What is so weird about this card is that it doesn’t say what it is on the back. Okay, when I think of meal worms, I think about my former employee’s kid who had a bearded dragon I dragon-sat while they went on vacation. Every day, two live meal worms. UGH. The thought of eating them. I don’t know. If they tasted like cheetos I’d probably give them a try!


@kanosis nice Spring card, thanks!

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400 @sleepyhippo1

Thank you for great card of a lion dressed stylishly next to blooming trees. We are expected to have a wet weekend-again. Poppies do not open in drizzly rain. :slightly_smiling_face: Have a great Easter weekend, Marcella.

Grp 400

Thanks Niki for the O card. I collect letters. But so far I have one–O! The stickers and mushroom stamps are great.


I will admit, the mealworms were freeze dried and not still living! You can get them in a lot of different flavors though - like BBQ or cayenne pepper! I also had the option for salt and vinegar crickets, but I don’t like that flavor, so I stuck with the cheddar cheese worms, haha!

Group 400
@Hazygirl sent this wonderful succulent card - it was super windy today, and I actually had to chase this one down through the parking lot because a stiff breeze came and took it right from my hands! Luckily, there was no one else there, so that embarrassing scene is between me and whoever watches the post office security footage!

@uconn sent this PHQ stamp card. I am also unfamiliar with this particular war, but I suppose it’s par for the course when England has been a country for so long! They probably have hundreds of these sorts of fights that we don’t know about on this side of the pond!

Thanks so much for the great cards!


Group 400, #2
I’ve received a couple!

@uconn I love the space card, and the Neptune stamp to go with it! I used to be obsessed with space when I was a kid. I still love looking up at the night sky.

@Cynovian Thank you for the adorable dog card! Good luck driving to see the eclipse! Where I live, we’re about 85-90% totality, but we’ll be on the edge of the path for the 2044 solar eclipse. I know that’s a “few” years down the road, but still something to look forward to!

@sleepyhippo1 I was thinking that this card looks like it came from the '90s. Looked at the copyright date, and I was close with it being 1988! It is interesting, even if a bit tacky :slight_smile:


Group 400
I finally have all my cards for this group mailed out.

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Received NJ LP from @Triol for 381. Thanks so much! what a nice surprise, I wouldn’t even have expected it! :joy:🩷

i also received the remaining 2 cards for 385! Thank you @hootnoodle @Yarn-Lady for the lighthouse cards! Absolutely love learning about different lighthouses :slight_smile:


Hope everyone has a wonderful Easter weekend!


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Group 400 - Roulette
@sleepyhippo1 sent a “Keep Calm” card advertising a postcard company. I like it! Definitely pretty colors! :purple_heart: Thank you!

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Group 400
Received an interesting batch of great and not so great. You be the judge



Can I be added to 402: Books? Thanks! :smiling_face:

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group 400
@architeuthis - sends a “not so great” illustrated postcard from the classic 100 postcard bundle that pomegranate used to sell. i actually quite enjoyed this one, as a great addition to my fashion/clothing collection lol :dress::sparkles: another person’s trash is truly another person’s treasure haha :two_hearts: thank you!

@HazyGirl - sends a wonderful denny’s tour of america travel poster of brooklyn, with the brooklyn bridge in the background :statue_of_liberty::sparkles: thank you! i love hanging out in brooklyn and always try to drop by whenever i am in town; i would love any food recommendations, if you have any :blush:

@TwoDoggies - sends a wintry view of an ice cave in a mystery location :cold_face::ice_cube: thank you! i definitely missed the cold weather, this year; although i enjoy rainy days i cant help but be worried about how much rain we got this winter, instead of snow :smiling_face_with_tear:

@sleepyhippo1 - sends a picturesque ad card for a local iowa dept of transportation rest stop :fuelpump::sheep: why did i think that this was an ad for a super cute farmers market? :see_no_evil: thank you!

@Cynovian - sends a stunning view of shenandoah np in virginia :deciduous_tree: thank you~ i havent read that book yet but it definitely sounds intriguing :books: i have been meaning to be more active in my work’s book club, so this might be one to suggest! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

thank you everyone for all the postcards, decorations, cool stamps and messages! :two_hearts::sparkles:


Group 400

Thank you JoAnn for the beautiful coffee server and coffee cup illustration. I love those National Day of …Tag.


Rec’d a great card of dolphins from the Outer Banks. It’s so special to see them in the wild especially on vacation with friends!
Thank you, Stephanie!


Group 385 (lighthouses)

@ayellowdaffodil - a composite view of the lighthouses of New Jersey, named by Maisha on the back. Nice assortment. Thank you. What is the annual lighthouse challenge in NJ?


Welcome to the RR, @brooklynh! :blush:


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Group 377 Superheroes. Received from @kanosis Batman and Superman both arrived safely! @uconn Spiderman! He’s my favorite… thank you! And from @glazefamily Sent Teddy Newton. Thank you all so much.

Group 384 Transportation Received from @Yarn-Lady Thank you for the “horseless carriage” but mostly thank you for the story about Alice Ramsey. I looked her up and what a fascinating person. You must have loved living next door. She sounds like a real character. @hootnoodle Sent a Boeing 737…I rode in plenty of those…do they still make them? @kanosis Sent a beautiful painting of a saddled horse…Gorgeous! Thank you all.

Group 386 Misfits Received from @TeachLittleKids OMG you are so right… A national park card that says “I’ve seen better”…wow…ungrateful …I cannot even imagine thinking like that. And from @uconn You are so right…there are two mounties in my family and one is getting married this summer probably in full regalia. I’ll be there with a camera ready.

Grou 392 Recipes Received from @kanosis Thank you for two recipes! I live in the middle of a large Mexican American community…and so I eat a lot of tostadas…in fact , I have some shells in the pantry at all times! They make good crackers, nachos, and of course tostadas. Appreciate it very much! @TeachLittleKids Sent a Beignets recipe from New Orleans! I love those little fried sugary pillows…especially with strong coffee!

Group 390 Eyes Closed Received from @TeachLittleKids A steam punk looking butterfly…I think of them as little visits from the gods…so beautiful and they can fly. (I can’t …so I admire anything that can lol.). From @kanosis Sent a horse saddled up! Love the colors in that card. Very New Mexico/Santa Fe. From @bookendss Sent a great street shot of New York City. YES come to San Jose…it’s a hidden jewel in California. But all of California is pretty nice. @blubay2021 Sent a calm pic of two swans in front of a lovely house in Florida.

Thank you all so much