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US TO US Themes Round Robin


  • Welcome to the new Round Robin in the NEW forums! Thanks to @Angeldreamer and @lrp124 for hosting previously.

  • Any members located in the US may join.

  • If you are new to the group please PM me with your address.

  • Post in the thread which group number you would like to sign up for; postcards sent must relate to the group theme.

  • Once a group fills up you will receive a PM of the group participants and their addresses.

  • You have two weeks to mail postcards from the time you receive group addresses.

  • Remember to write US Themes RR or UST RR, Group #, and your username on the postcards.

  • It is OK to send multiple cards to the same person in an envelope to save postage. If you would rather someone did NOT do this, you may ask that I note that when I send out addresses.

  • Please post in the thread when you send and receive your carda

  • Send only professionally published postcards. Ad/free cards or handmade cards are only allowed in groups specifically for that style.

  • New themes are always added so check back often. Have a theme suggestion? … post in the thread or PM me.


Open Groups



Traveling Groups



Incomplete groups



older groups

Group Number, Theme, Participants

  1. Maps - DeeDeeQ5724, carlissa904, Hyshu65, hootnoodle
  2. Red - AccentOnHakes, DeeDeeQ5724, hootnoodle, koyohtay
  3. Animals -DeeDeeQ5724, carlissa904, alm74, koyohtay
  4. Flowers - koyohtay, VeniceSunrise, sleepykitty, iwritedeb
  5. Touristic City Name - lrp124, DeeDeeQ5724, AccentOnHakes, alcott1
  6. Black and White, lrp124, Hyshu65, hootnoodle, AccentOnHakes
  7. Lighthouses - koyohtay, Savagepink, cj23, carlissa904
  8. Illustrations - Steresem, alcott1, iwritedeb, dariasmith
  9. City views at night - lrp124, alcott1, Hyshu65, DeeDeeQ5724
  10. Montages - AccentOnHakes, cj23, lrp124, (DeeDeeQ5724 did not send)
  11. Vintage - alm74, DeeDeeQ5724, koyohtay, sleepykitty
  12. Wishlist - lrp124, woven, nowaglas, DeeDeeQ5724
  13. Colorful - DeeDeeQ5724, hootnoodle, gbnaabennett, Blue_Fox
  14. Not my Country - lrp124, woven, gbnaabennett, AccentOnHakes
  15. National, State/Territory Parks - koyohtay, technoruby, lrp124, (DeeDeeQ5724 did not send)
  16. Fantasy/Imaginary - technoruby, woven, sleepykitty, DeeDeeQ5724
  17. Sunrise/Sunset - boyana, dariasmith, iwritedeb, spicyricecake
  18. Green - Carlissa904, AccentOnHakes, VeniceSunrise, alcott1
  19. Movies - technoruby, iwritedeb, Steresem, Gbnaabennett
  20. State/Province - AccentOnHakes, alcott1, Steresem, cj23
  21. Tell a Story - technoruby, sleepykitty, Steresem, AccentOn Hakes
  22. Last Vacation - boyana, lrp124, VeniceSunrise, AccentOnHakes
  23. Wishlist - woven, lrp124, iwritedeb, Maliciaguilucha
  24. Large Letter - alcott1, cj23, alm74, Gbnaabennett
  25. Water - ChristineC, AccentOnHakes, Carlissa904, CMSnailMail
  26. Book Related - books, authors, libraries, people reading ChristineC , dariasmith , technoruby, sunnydays - didn’t send
  27. Cityviews - AccentOnHakes, koyohtay, lrp124, dariasmith
  28. Dogs or Cats - dariasmith, sleepykitty, Gbnaabennett, stinkypaw
  29. Maps - mikeyz1, Gbnaabennett, dariasmith, austen777
  30. Mountains ~ dariasmith - (missing alm74), alm74, hootnoodle, angeldreamer
  31. Not My Country - cj23, lrp124, woven, mikeyz1
  32. Lantern Press - spicyricecake, technoruby, cello15, AccentOnHakes
  33. Disney-cj23/ technoruby / angeldreamer / kyvintage
  34. Famous People mikeyz1, alm74, hootnoodle, dariasmith - (missing alm74)
  35. Wishlist - mikeyz1, woven, stinkypaw, sleepykitty

Group 36 - Night Views AccentOnHakes/ alcott1/ Steresem/ Jocrafts /Angeldreamer
Group 37 - Special Effects - cards with special features like lenticular, 3D, holographic, glitter, metallic, foil, etc// woven (assumed all rec), Kyvintage, alcott1 , butterfli75
Group 38 - National Parks Angeldreamer , AccentOnHakes , koyohtay (missing angeldreamer), Kyvintage
Group 39 - Local Culture Angeldreamer, AccentOnHakes, Kyvintage
Group 40 - Your State/Province Kyvintage, AccentOnHakes, Savagepink , cj23 (missing kyvintage)
Group 41 - vintage photos (before there was color film) Savagepink, Angeldreamer, AccentOnHakes, kyvintage
Group 42 - Entertainment (books, movies, sports, games, festivals, famous people) Kyvintage, Angeldreamer, jocrafts
Group 43 - Books, Libraries Angeldreamer , Savagepink, Radala, jocrafts
Group 44 - Cartoons Angeldreamer / Savagepink / Kyvintage
Group 45 - Dogs Angeldreamer, Savagepink, cj23
Group 46 - Animals Angeldreamer / AccentOnHakes / koyohtay / Kyvintage / Savagepink / Alcott1
Group 47 - People Kyvintage, Angeldreamer, jocrafts
Group 48 - Art Kyvintage , Savagepink, mikeyz1, Angeldreamer
Group 49 - Map of your state/province Pezimaniac , koyohtay, mikeyz1 (missing koyohtay), Kyvintage
Group 50 - Large Letter “Greetings From” your state/province Pezimaniac, Kyvintage , koyohtay, Angeldreamer
Group 51-Flowers Angeldreamer, AccentOnHakes, Kyvintage (missing AccentOnHakes), VeniceSunrise
Group 52 - Roadside Attractions SavagePink, jocrafts, angeldreamer, alcott1 (missing Savagepink)
Group 53 - Disney/Pixar Angeldreamer, Kyvintage , cj23 , emotis
Group 54 - TravelPosters AccentonHakes/ Kyvintage/ Savagepink / Angeldreamer
Group 55 - Dreaming of a Vacation–where would you go? Angeldreamer , alcott1, Radala, jocrafts
Group 56 - Cats Angeldreamer , Savagepink, tandemStoker, Radala, jocrafts
Group 57 - Handmade - Valentines DorH / Angeldreamer
Group 58 - Handmade - Try something new// jocrafts, Shesa-Renegade, Savagepink (missing Shesa-Renegade), GigiDegas (assumed received all)
Group 59 - Spring Radala / jocrafts / Angeldreamer
Group 60 - Dogs Savagepink, Angeldreamer, jocrafts
Group 61 - How to spend a rainy day Radala, Savagepink, Angeldreamer, jocrafts, mikeyz1
Group 62 - What makes you happy? Angeldreamer, jocrafts, mikeyz1, femamerica13, sleepykitty
Group 63 - Tickle my funny bones … any funny card…or write a joke on a card jocrafts, angeldreamer, AccentOnHakes
Group 64 - If Life had a do-over switch, I would… jocrafts, Angeldreamer , mikeyz1, SavagePink
Group 65 - I’m stuck at home, but not without my… Radala (missing alcott1), AccentOnHakes, jocrafts, alcott1, Angeldreamer
Group 66 - Homemade–homage to Warhol art (your interpretation of his many shades painting) TandemStoker, Angeldreamer , jocrafts, Radala
Group 67 - Vintage things femamerica13 / angeldreamer / jocrafts (missing angeldreamer) / Shaack (missing femamerica13)
Group 68 - WWI or WWII related Radala, AccentOnHakes, jocrafts, Angeldreamer
Group 69 - Sports related Radala, Angeldreamer, SKlenotic, SavagePink
Group 70 - Food related jocrafts / savagepink / andgeldreamer / radala (only reported jocrafts…assumed rec’d all)

Group 71 - Homemade-- I’m dreaming of… :email: May 21 **cards should be :pen: by June 4
1 Radala (USA) :pen: :mailbox:
2 NikkiCanadian (CAN) :pen: rec 1 *angeldreamer resent
3 Angeldreamer (USA) :pen: rec: :mailbox:

Group 72 - Homemade-- This Summer :email: May 21 **cards should be :pen: by June 4
1 Radala (USA) :pen: :mailbox:
2 NikkiCanadian (CAN) :pen: rec 1 *angeldreamer resent
3 Angeldreamer (USA) :pen: rec: :mailbox:

Group 73- Something on my bucket list… jocrafts, Angeldreamer, Shaack, Radala
Group 74 - Something local to your city/state/region jocrafts, AccentOnHakes, Radala , mikeyz1 , SKlenotic
Group 75 - Quotable, has a quote on the card, or take a nice card and write your favorite quote on the back jocrafts, tandemStoker, Radala, alcott1, Emilyann, Angeldreamer
*RAK accentonhakes got jocrafts
Group 76- Spirit of '76 (in any era) jocrafts, Angeldreamer, Radala, Savagepink
Group 77 - Virtual Vacation–a postcard of where you will be going and maybe a tale of what you did Radala , emotis, jocrafts , angeldreamer (missing emotis) , AccentOnHakes (missing jocrafts)
Group 78 - Domestic Animals (any animals of North America) alcott1, angeldreamer, Radala , Savagepink
Group 79 - Thank goodness my delivery person brought me… jocrafts, mikeyz1, angeldreamer , femamerica13
Group 80 - Let’s remember the 80’s–postcard showing an 80s trend or write of your memories Shaack, jocrafts, angeldreamer, Radala (missing jocrafts)
Group 81 - SURPRISE! anything goes AccentOnHakes , femamerica13, jocrafts, Radala, axiomatic , roxy
Group 82 - Cats Radala, Savagepink, angeldreamer, sleepykitty
Group 83 - Disney/Pixar SKlenotic , jocrafts, cj23, femamerica13 (missing SKlenotic)
Group 84 - Movie talk (any nice card related to entertainment and write about a movie you have seen recently) SKlenotic , jocrafts, Savagepink, femamerica13
Group 85 - Book related SKlenotic , Savagepink, mikeyz1 , femamerica13
Group 86 - Architecture mikeyz1, Savagepink, Angeldreamer, Radala (missing savagepink)
Group 87 - Anything goes… Angeldreamer, jocrafts, roxy , ellistrations
Group 88 - Sunrise/Sunset AccentOnHakes, jocrafts , Angeldreamer, ellistrations, Radala
Group 89 - Oceans (from above or below) AccentOnHakes, femamerica13, Angeldreamer, Radala
Group 90 - What should I see when visiting your home town? Angeldreamer / Jocrafts / Radala (never reported-assumed all rec’d)
Group 91 - What I miss most… mikeyz1, femamerica13 (missing mikeyz1) , mcquay , jocrafts
Group 92 - Moments of wonder–what have you noticed while having this free time? femamerica13 , jocrafts, Shaack, Angeldreamer
Group 93 - My favorite tv show growing up… femamerica13, jocrafts, Angeldreamer, MeaganMS
Group 94 - Hot summer days…love’em or hate’em? femamerica13, jocrafts, Angeldreamer , Radala
Group 95 - Magic of Summer (making memories, lightning bugs…what will you tell your grandkids etc) femamerica13, alcott1, Angeldreamer, Radala
Group 96 - In honor of June being PRIDE month (rainbows or LGBTQ themes are appropriate) femamerica13, sleepykitty, Angeldreamer, Radala
Group 97 - Where were you in 1997? Angeldreamer ,ellistrations, sleepykitty , jocrafts
Group 98 - Summer Foods – it wouldn’t be a BBQ/Picnic/Get-together without your favorite foods, what can’t you pass up? femamerica13 / jocrafts (missing femamerica13/ MeaganMS / EverettGal
Group 99 - Secret Addictions (old or new, what are you secretly…or not so secretly…addicted to…food/activity etc) femamerica13/ jocrafts/ angeldreamer
Group 100 - 100box (send a card you got in a box of 100 cards) CrisB, femamerica13 (missing CrisB) , alcott1 , jocrafts , Angeldreamer , ellistrations , AccentOnHakes
Group 101 - Food-- what is your signature dish or means the most to you and why? femamerica13, Savagepink, MeaganMS, JannCady
Group 102 - Movies/TV–What is in your binge watching lineup? Savagepink / Angeldreamer / mcquay/ femamerica13
Group 103 - foreign cards…depicts a foreign place or is a card you bought or swapped from a foreign country mcquay, AccentOnHakes, alcott1, EttaHenry, CrisB (missing EttaHenry & JannCady) , jocrafts, JannCady (missing Savagepink) , Savagepink
Group 104 - “Four”–open to interpretation…4 views, 4 items, a list of 4 things about you… AccentOnHakes, jocrafts , alcott1, sleepykitty, femamerica13
Group 105 - Autumn EttaHenry / jocrafts / CrisB (assumed rec all)/ angeldreamer
Group 106 - Disney/Pixar jocrafts/ yelena / CrisB (assumed rec all)/ angeldreamer
Group 107 – my favorite xxxx (send a card that repre:pen:s something that is a favorite to you…color, flower, tree, state, city, activity JannCady (missing jocrafts) / femamerica13 / sleepykitty / jocrafts
Group 108 - What if there were 8 days in a week…describe your idea of 8th day, how would you spend it and what should it be called? MeaganMS / angeldreamer / femamerica13 and JannCady (missing MeaganMS)
Group 109 - Let’s talk Breakfast…yes/no? cereal? full on meal? MeaganMS , jocrafts, femamerica13 , EverettGal
Group 110–Foreign locations AccentOnHakes , femamerica13 , angeldreamer, EverettGal
Group 111–A celebration of the number 1 – find a card with only 1 thing/subject of focus // Angeldreamer / femamerica13 (assumed rec all) / JannCady (missing femamerica13) / EverettGal
Group 112–Back to School memories –happy or sad day? MeaganMS / Angeldreamer / ellistrations / femamerica13 (missing MeaganMS and angeldreamer)
Group 113–Labor Day plans, how are you spending your extra day off …assuming you get one // Angeldreamer / femamerica13 (assumed rec all)
Group 114–Autumn themed homemade card angeldreamer, EverettGal, EttaHenry
Group 115–Memories of 2015 jocrafts / MeaganMS / femamerica13 (assumed rec all) / angeldreamer
Group 116–Sunrise/Sunset AccentOnHakes / Angeldreamer (missing Cinpy) / Kyvintage / Cinpy
Group 117–Mountain views AccentOnHakes /Angeldreamer / Cinpy
Group 118–Ocean views from above or below ellistrations / AccentOnHakes / femamerica13 (assumed rec all) / angeldreamer
Group 119–Birds EverettGal / yelena / JannCady / angeldreamer (missing JannCady)
Group 120–Scaly animals jocrafts, ellistrations, angeldreamer
Group 121 –Winter themed cards coleandjojo / angeldreamer / jocrafts
Group 122-- Scavenger hunt -5 cards in one envelope — MeaganMS (assumed rec all) / jocrafts / Angeldreamer
Group 123-- homemade Christmas themed Ckip / Angeldreamer / AlbertaGirl / CrimsonKing
Group 124-- The letter C savagepink / angeldreamer / scooby39 / katie333
Group 125 – My favorite Halloween costume was - jocrafts / Angeldreamer / MeaganMS never sent
Group 126 – Valentine’s themed coleandjojo / andgeldreamer / jaqueposts
Group 127 – humorous jocrafts / alcott1 / angeldreamer
Group 128 – Botanical….anything that grows jocrafts / alcott1 / purplepiccolo / angeldreamer

Group 130 – Christmas themed cards (:email: Dec 9)
1 Savagepink (USA) :pen: rec 4
2 MeaganMS (USA) ** never sent
3 CrimsonKing (USA) :pen: rec 1 4
4 Angeldreamer (USA) :pen: rec 1 3

Group 131 – Snowmaggedon alcott1 / Angeldreamer / MonkeyBrain / jewelldelis
Group 132 – Foreign Places any card not from North America MonkeyBrain (missing angeldreamer) / coleandjojo / AlbertaGirl71 / angeldreamer
Group 133 – Beachy Let’s take some virtual vacations to warmer places! Dnrhott (only reported jewelldelis–assumed rec all) / angeldreamer / GeoJosh / jewelldelis
Group 134 – Multi-views melvnoble/ AlbertaGirl71 / BarbL / dnrhott (only reported AlbertaGirl71–assumed rec all)
Group 135 – Dogs vs Cats…which are the best pet MonkeyBrain / FrogSalad / alcott1 / angeldreamer
Group 136 - Storyline pick a card and make up a story about what is happening in the scene, or why you bought it/inherited it/found it….maybe this should be called Bullsh!t-outlandish and creative will surely make the receiver’s day! Alcott1 / angeldreamer / coleandjojo / dnrhott
Group 137 – Freaky cards jewelldelis / uconn / alcott1 / angeldreamer
Group 138 – National/State/Provincial Parks dnrhott / JasonDavid / scoutingbear / angeldreamer
Group 139 – Wishlist – give 3 categories you would love and sender will pick one (if categories are too specific sender will send something as closely related as they can but will not be specifically restricted) alcott1 / angeldreamer / Agneau / Allayne22
Group 140 – Something FUN funny card, funny story on the back, something fun to do…whatever scoutingbear (only reported angeldreamer–assumed rec all) / TwasBrilig / GrammieSuz / angeldreamer

Group 141 – Sunrise/Sunset :email: nov 21
1 Cmleonard630 didn’t send or report
2 kanosis rec 3
3 susaninutah sent all rec 2?

Group 142 – Autumn Scenes…let’s beat this heat and dream of cooler days AbiG / angeldreamer / susaninutah

Group 143 – If $$ were no object…my next vacation would be to …… (choose a card that corresponds :email: nov 21
1 jewelldelis didn’t send or report
2 dnrhott sent all rec 3
3 angeldreamer sent all rec 2

Group 144 – Patriotic, have some red, white, blue–or just red/white on the card, or even the flag! TwoDoggies / angeldreamer
Group 145 – Something Local What is your town’s claim to fame, fortune, misery or boredom alcott1 / angeldreamer / scoutingbear


Group 150: Books (anything related to books, bookshops, authors, etc.)

  1. Traveler1313 :white_check_mark:
  2. Hazygirl :white_check_mark:
  3. Alexia561 :white_check_mark:
  4. TwasBrillig :white_check_mark:

Group 154: Vintage

  1. nursegarry :white_check_mark:
  2. avery27 :white_check_mark:
  3. silentmagician :white_check_mark:
  4. SharonMI :white_check_mark:

Group 155: Disney/Pixar

  1. Ukucaitie :white_check_mark:
  2. DCMdVa :white_check_mark:
  3. Hazygirl :white_check_mark:
  4. Ringo16 :white_check_mark:

Group 157: Lantern Press

  1. DCMdVa :white_check_mark:
  2. silentmagician :white_check_mark:
  3. Ringo16 :white_check_mark:

Group 148: Halloween Cards (folded or postcard)

  1. Alexia561 :white_check_mark:
  2. Skittykitty✅
  3. SharonMI :white_check_mark:
  4. DCMdVa :white_check_mark:

Group M-A: My week in one word/image per day.
Each day for 7 days, write one word (or use one sticker or make one doodle) about the day on the card. Feel free to mix it up with words/stickers/drawings

  1. Angeldreamer :white_check_mark:
  2. anon15095882
  3. StephofYorktown :white_check_mark:

Group 159: Postcard from my state/province/territory

  1. Traveler1313 :white_check_mark:
  2. Hazygirl :white_check_mark:
  3. Angeldreamer :white_check_mark:
  4. brightblue :white_check_mark:

Group 146: My favorite ___ (send a card that represents something that is a favorite to you…color, flower, tree, state, city, activity)

  1. BarbL :white_check_mark:
  2. Angeldreamer :white_check_mark:
  3. alcott1 :white_check_mark:
  4. Hazygirl :white_check_mark:

**Group H-C: Box sets

  1. Ukucaitie :white_check_mark:
  2. TwasBrillig :white_check_mark:
  3. Hazygirl :white_check_mark:
  4. Angeldreamer :white_check_mark:

Group 147: Fall/Autumn (folded or postcard)

  1. nursegarry :white_check_mark:
  2. SharonMI :white_check_mark:
  3. Angeldreamer :white_check_mark:
  4. anon15095882 R12 :white_check_mark: Assumed

Group 153: Lighthouses

  1. DCMdVa :white_check_mark:
  2. SharonMI :white_check_mark:
  3. alcott1 :white_check_mark:
  4. harleyq2btrue :white_check_mark:
  5. nursegarry :white_check_mark:

Group 167: Art

  1. Hazygirl :white_check_mark:
  2. SharonMI :white_check_mark:
  3. nursegarry :white_check_mark:
  4. Cera1985 :white_check_mark:

Group 173: Vintage

  1. avery27 :white_check_mark:
  2. nursegarry :white_check_mark:
  3. harleyq2btrue :white_check_mark:
  4. holhart :white_check_mark:

Group 182: Flowers

  1. kanosis :white_check_mark:
  2. rabidtriangle :white_check_mark:
  3. TwoDoggies :white_check_mark:

Group 192: Valentine’s Day - postcards only

  1. Triol :white_check_mark:
  2. mayritasea :white_check_mark:
  3. kanosis :white_check_mark:
  4. Yarn-Lady :white_check_mark:

Group 178: Christmas Cards (folded or postcard)

  1. SharonMI :white_check_mark:
  2. Tynesha :white_check_mark:
  3. nursegarry✅
  4. kanosis :white_check_mark:
closed due to inactivity 

**Group 164: Transportation**
1. nursegarry R24 ✅
2. kanosis S R14 ✅
3. @Ringo16 
4. Yarn-Lady S R21 ✅

**Group 183: Pets and Cute animals**
1. nursegarry S r24 ✅
2. kanosis S R14 ✅
3. @Ringo16 
4. ellistrations S r21 ✅

**Group 165: Buildings/structures/Monuments( churches, temples, castles, old houses, etc.)** 
1. alcott1 S42 ✅
2. kanosis r41 ✅
3. @Ringo16 
4. nursegarry S R12 ✅

Group 160: Wild Animals

  1. ellistrations :white_check_mark:
  2. Ringo16 :white_check_mark: assumed
  3. StephofYorktown :white_check_mark:
  4. kanosis :white_check_mark:

Group 188: Coffee and Tea

  1. read2day :white_check_mark:
  2. nursegarry :white_check_mark:
  3. kanosis :white_check_mark:
  4. Hazygirl :white_check_mark:

Group 189: My favorite ___ (send a card that represents something that is a favorite to you…color, flower, author, city, activity)

  1. nursegarry done
  2. Skittykitty done
  3. rabidtriangle done
  4. Hazygirl done
  5. harleyq2btrue done

Group 152: Mail Themed

  1. Angeldreamer :white_check_mark:
  2. kanosis :white_check_mark:
  3. read2day :white_check_mark:
  4. Hazygirl✅
  5. Yarn-Lady :white_check_mark:

Group 171: Beach/Sea/Sand

  1. ellistrations :white_check_mark:
  2. kanosis :white_check_mark:
  3. Yarn-Lady :white_check_mark:
  4. harleyq2btrue :white_check_mark:
  5. Hazygirl :white_check_mark:

Group 170: Books 2/26/23

  1. mayritasea S r42 :white_check_mark:
  2. nursegarry S R41 :white_check_mark:
  3. kanosis :white_check_mark:
  4. alcott1 S r12 :white_check_mark:

Group 151: Coffee and Tea 12/8/22

  1. nursegarry S R32 :white_check_mark:
  2. Angeldreamer :white_check_mark:
  3. read2day S R12 :white_check_mark:
  4. Hazygirl :white_check_mark:

Group 180: Snowy Backgrounds

  1. nursegarry :white_check_mark:
  2. kanosis :white_check_mark:
  3. Ringo16 :white_check_mark:

Group 179: Winter Solstice

  1. read2day :white_check_mark:
  2. journeyforth :white_check_mark:
  3. kanosis S R42 :white_check_mark:
  4. silentmagician :white_check_mark:

Group 158: Travel Poster

  1. Ringo16
  2. Yarn-Lady S R4
  3. Day_break S r24 :white_check_mark:
  4. Hazygirl S r2 :white_check_mark:

Group 175: Box sets - Love 'em or Hate 'em? Send any postcard from a box set, and don’t hold back - tell us how you really feel about them!

  1. scoutingbear
  2. Cera1985 S R34 :white_check_mark:
  3. kanosis S R24 :white_check_mark:
  4. Hazygirl R23 :white_check_mark:

Group 172: Disney or Pixar 2/24/23

  1. Ukucaitie S R542 :white_check_mark:
  2. Cera1985 S R541✅
  3. Ringo16
  4. Hazygirl S R51 :white_check_mark:
  5. ellistrations S R142 :white_check_mark:

Group 197: Cactus/ Desert

  1. kanosis S R43 :white_check_mark:
  2. Ringo16
  3. read2day S R4 :white_check_mark:
  4. Hazygirl S R13 :white_check_mark:

Group 163: Postcard from my state/province/territory

  1. Ringo16
  2. Tynesha :white_check_mark:
  3. DaisyDekker S R542 :white_check_mark:
  4. alcott1 S R532 :white_check_mark:
  5. harleyq2btrue S R342 :white_check_mark:

Group H-B Storyline: Pick a card and make up a story about what is happening in the scene, or why you bought it/inherited it/found it.

  1. SecretCityGrl :white_check_mark:
  2. TwasBrillig S R135 :white_check_mark:
  3. thetinylibrarian S R12 :white_check_mark:
  4. nursegarry :white_check_mark:
  5. Cera1985 :white_check_mark:

Group 194: Postcard from my state/province/territory 3-31

  1. DaisyDekker S R 5324 DONE
  2. rabidtriangle R 3451 DONE
  3. nursegarry S R4521 DONE
  4. harleyq2btrue S R3251 DONE
  5. Johnk60 S R3241 DONE

GROUP 199: International Women’s Day

  1. kanosis DONE
  2. rabidtriangle DONE
  3. Yarn-Lady DONE

Group 198: Box sets 3.29.23

  1. rabidtriangle S R4532 DONE
  2. kanosis S R1345 DONE
  3. nursegarry S R1234 DONE
  4. alcott1 S R1532 DONE
  5. Ukucaitie S R1243 DONE


  1. kanosis done
  2. Triol done

Group 185B: Black and White 4/18
5. sleepyhippo1 DONE
6. TwoDoggies S DONE
7. kanosis DONE
8. Hazygirl DONE
9. salemhouse DONE

Group 211B: Card of another COUNTRY besides the US
5. Triol DONE
6. salemhouse DONE
7. sleepyhippo1 DONE
8. Johnk60 DONE

Group 211: Card of another COUNTRY besides the US

  1. kanosis DONE
  2. TwoDoggies DONE
  3. Johnk60 DONE
  4. alcott1 DONE

Group 173B: Vintage 3-31-23

  1. Yarn-Lady done
  2. salemhouse done
  3. TwoDoggies done
  4. alcott1 done
  5. avery27 done

Group 208: Any store-bought postcard that is decorated with stickers or washi tape on the back

  1. sleepyhippo1 DONE
  2. Hazygirl DONE
  3. Bethmnie DONE
  4. wmiz77 DONE


  1. journeyforth DONE
  2. kanosis DONE
  3. rabidtriangle DONE

Group 183 B- Pets and Cute animals

  1. Triol DONE
  2. hazygirl DONE
  3. rabidtriangle R42 DONE
  4. kanosis DONE

Group 161: Movies

  1. nursegarry S R3524 DONE
  2. kanosis S R3154 DONE
  3. Michelle305 S R2154 DONE
  4. Angeldreamer S (ASSUMED DONE)
  5. waydowneast S R3142 DONE

Group 191: Flowers 4/18

  1. Triol done
  2. nursegarry done
  3. rabidtriangle ASSUMED DONE
  4. sleepyhippo1 done

Group 187: My week in one word/image per day

  1. journeyforth DONE
  2. read2day DONE
  3. harleyq2btrue DONE
  4. mayritasea DONE

Group 168: General Wishlist - Mention general 5 wishes and other members will send you a card based on your wishes

  1. DaisyDekker S R42 DONE
  2. Wynnie S R41 DONE
  3. mindymcmillan (inactive)
  4. inkandpaper S R21 DONE

Group 193: Storyline: Pick a card and make up a story about what is happening in the scene, or why you bought it/inherited it/found it.

  1. StephofYorktown DONE
  2. Skittykitty DONE
  3. @mindymcmillan (inactive)
  4. waydowneast DONE

Group 203: Cactus, Wild West, Desert 4/18

  1. kanosis DONE
  2. mayritasea DONE
  3. @Yarn-Lady S R542 (ASSUMED DONE)
  4. alcott1 DONE
  5. Hazygirl DONE


Group 156: LouPaper - please link your collection album if you have one

  1. ellistrations
  2. Triol
  3. mayritasea
  4. Cera1985
  5. TeachLittleKids

168B: General Wishlist
5. wmiz77
6. paigeawesome
7. waydowneast
8. Cera1985
9. avery27

Group 200: Disney/ Pixar

  1. kanosis
  2. Michelle305
  3. Pixie1306
  4. Angeldreamer
  5. ellistrations

Group 201: Beaches and Sea

  1. kanosis
  2. Yarn-Lady
  3. nursegarry S
  4. Angeldreamer
  5. ellistrations

reserved for host

Yay! Happy to see this here :slight_smile:

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might be a while for everything to migrate, but really no reason for groups not to begin again :slight_smile: I will likely not do my holiday group for a while tho…it will get way too crazy.

Completely understandable. I’m glad we have a few months for the transition.

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Last I heard from @MichelleW colors are gone now. I just moved my RR over and spent time reformatting it to use emojis instead of color. I think I’ll like the new system, but for now the adjustment is a bit rough. Luckily the old forum is still there for three months!

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Thank you…I did the tutorial and didn’t see anything on changing the fonts and colors, but it is still html based… there has to be a way. I will ask my dad, he is a forum guru. I like the visual differentiation of colors and font sizes. Maybe I will have to use more border graphics or something. I don’t plan on switching the holiday forum for a while… it is way too chaotic. Maybe in January when the bulk of the chaos is passed.

Group #115

I received an Indian Paintbrush and Texas Bluebonnet card from angeldreamer! Thank you for it and for sharing your memories of 2015 with me. :slight_smile:

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Group#114 NA autumn theme homemade card - I just got the most AMAZING handmade card from Cynthia (angledreamer) - apparently it was delayed in the mail but I’m SO GLAD it got through, it is one of the most beautiful cards I have ever received. Thank you so much!!!

right now I would blame just me. lol I can’t seem to get caught up on ANYTHING! glad you got it and loved it!


HI, I wanna join Group 116–Sunrise/Sunset and Group 117–Mountain views

group 111–
janncady- cute heterochrome cat. My animals have probably saved my life more times than I can count. I will never be without at least one pet in my life!
femamerica13–greetings from San Francisco :slight_smile: I like your goal to use up what you have…then ask for more! lol

group 115- MeaganMS -- gorgeous artistic card of the milky way over a rock arch. I love the colors in this! You have great memories of 2015 and happy 5th anniversary of Postcrossing!

group 118-
femamerica13 – Cornish coastline town at dawn, looks so charming!
ellistrations --interesting aerial view over clear Hawaiian waters full of kayakers. I think we all wanted to be mermaids at one time…and still do most likely!
accentonhakes – a sand bar in the Dominican Republic that looks like it was perfectly placed for picnicking. I love having quick and easy meals to pull out of the freezer!

group 119 –
EverettGal -bird closeup- oh wow…a personal photo from Australia…yes, I have experience with those beggars and how insistent they can be about claiming one’s lunch! love this!
Yelena-- Hawaiian state bird, I never knew they had a native goose. I have only been in the Honolulu airport, twice…the trip over and back from Australia when I was an exchange student in high school. sad to say I have not kept up the traveling in the decades since.

updated. will get addresses out for the closed group as soon as I find where the new person’s address went. lol I know I saw it at some point!!

group 116 in the mailbox!

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Group 115 I have received all!

  • @MeaganMS what a cute Anime witch postcard! My 2015 memory is about my husband, too :heart: What a wonderful time for romance!