[RR] 🇺🇸 US to US Surprise Me -Themeless Fun From Hawaii to Maine - We Want YOU!

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In my quest to find a formal FAQ list (which is supposed to be on my hamburger menu and isn’t) I finally found something I ran across “in the beginning of the new forum transition.” It’s the **Users Guide" and can be found here:

You may want to bookmark it. It’s helpful - doesn’t answer everything, but still helps! @maleko, jump in here if you know where FAQs might be hidden.

I’m also going to post the link on the opening page of this RR.

Hope it helps! :sunglasses:

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Shesa-Renegade reporting in with new postcards from the mail yesterday! WHEEEE!!! haha @MichelleW

Group 1159
@kyvintage sent a beautiful Gorse Fairy card. I had never heard of a gorse before, so of course I looked it up (thank you, Google). What a beautiful flower. I had to switch to bifocals a couple of years ago. I got the progressives so you don’t see the line. They take a little getting used to, but I love mine now.

Open House Group
@coleandjojo sent a fun facts card of a jellyfish. They are such cool creatures. I’ve only ever been stung once, but that was enough for me. The stickers that you used are fabulous. I swear I could spend my entire paycheck on stickers and postcards. I will check out the food and drink RR! Thanks for the invite.

@jocrafts SQUEEE!!! A Biden/Obama postcard. Just seeing these two makes my heart so happy. I am thinking of going to the inauguration, too. My bestie lives in Raleigh NC, which is a 5 hour drive to DC. She wants to go, too. I think it will be monumental. I love all of the stamps that you used and the astronaut skipping rope sticker. I was never good at skipping rope, but I could play a mean game of jacks (do people even still play jacks, I wonder).

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Group 1157
Thank you @Blue_Fox for the awesome Michigan license plate card! It ripped nearly in half on its journey, but I find that to be a part of its charm!

Thank you, @Ukucaitie for the beautiful beach postcard! I am missing the beach terribly! This is the furthest I’ve ever lived from the ocean or Gulf and I need to move back. Haha

Thank you @kyvintage for the awesome Kentucky postcard! This is the first I have received in this style and I love it!

Group 1158

Thank you @serifluous for the fun beach card and fun facts about SF! I hope to see all of these places someday!

Thank you @clouisesz for the hilarious “I survived the Great Toilet Paper Panic of 2020” postcard! I love it!!

I tried adding the postcard pics, but I don’t know if it worked. Anyways, thanks to everyone again!!


May I please join a small group?

Hi @MichelleW, “FAQ” and “Forum Guidelines” are just two different titles for the same category that can be found in the hamburger menu icon - hamburger menu in the upper right corner of your Forum screen. If your Forum language is set to US English it’s called “Forum Guidelines,” and if it’s set to (non-US) English or another language, it’s called “FAQ.”

@paulo explains why there are two different titles for the same thing here.

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Well, that resolves my confusion on another board about it. His definition of “FAQs” and my definition of “FAQs” are completely different. I have no clue about his answer. Anyway, back when I worked on a corporate website, FAQs were things like,

Q: How do I sign into my account?
A: Click on the “sign in” option in the upper right corner, duh.

Q: How do I cancel?
A: We don’t allow cancelations. You’re on our list forever and ever.

Of course, I’m being very facetious.

So, the User’s Guide really does suit my purposes better than the guidelines. I have an idea, but need to think it through. Stay tuned… :smirk:

Yeah, according to his reply, “FAQ” was the default title from the software developers, not his idea. That’s why he changed it to “Forum Guidelines,” which is much more appropriate. There were technical issues that prevented the change across all the different Forum languages. So we in the US to US round robin are lucky to be using the language with the better title for this category. :grin:

I’ve received two more Open House cards to report!

@carolreader sent me my very first Shakespearean postcard!! I was so excited to get this card! I absolutely adore Shakespeare’s writings - my dog is even named Shakespeare :joy: There are still a handful of his plays I haven’t read, just because I like to really take my time and savor them (and I’m scared of getting to a point where there is no new Shakespeare for me to devour!).

@Yelena sent a very cute Peter Rabbit illustration set at a train station - I wish I could travel again! I just won’t feel comfortable doing so until the COVID situation settles down… cases are unfortunately ramping back up again in my area. :frowning: For now I am just planning all the trips I will take someday in the future…

Thank you both!

1158 from @clouisesz a Harry Potter card. No I have not read the Cursed Child, I should do that this winter along with the piles of other books I have picked out for my winter hobby.

1159 from @Shesa-Renegade a Alaska Sod-Roofed Cabin. Wow that is a really cool looking house. I bet everything they needed to build it was found there on the property. I would love to go to Iceland someday I have a cousin who plays in their orchestra.

1159 from @AccentOnHakes sends a card from the Art of Instruction box. I love this set but I just would love it more if I spoke french. Some of them i can figure out with the pictures but some I have no idea what I am supposed to be learning from the picture.

Thank you all for a great happy mail day.

@jocrafts “domestiscally disabled,” LOL! I am the opposite of you because dishes in the sink drive me crazy. Double sinks are okay because I can pile all the dirty dishes in one side. I like vacuuming too, but I dislike sweeping and cleaning bathrooms.
@Shesa-Renegade Lake Tahoe!!! Yes, I’ve been many times. Lovely all times of the year. :heart:

I’ve received a few more Open House postcards:

@emilyann – Great little chapel in the snow – and what an appropriate quotation. Excellent addition to the postcard. Thanks :grinning:

@coleandjojo – Fun and colorful fantasy woman – thank you. Speaking of Christmas, I need to get going. I usually wait until the last minute, and that won’t work this year.

@Blue_Fox - Creepy? I love creepy! :smiling_imp:This has got to be a favorite card for me. Thanks.

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I’ll join 1160, double post if there is still the open spot…otherwise happy to be in the next double :innocent:

Group 1162 is in the mail :mailbox_with_mail:

1104: @dariasmith, thanks for the Nashville travel poster. I hope you found good stuff while thrifting!

1154: @KeithA, thank you for the great art card and kind note. I don’t know the significance of the “42” on that card I sent, but if you find it out, I’d be curious to know, too!

Hello Everyone! Another whirlwind of a week. Only 6 weeks left of this year. Hard to believe time just flies. BIG BIG thanks are due for the following wonderful people:

**Group 1149 (please close) **

  • @MichelleW thank you for the Chuy’s pc. with AWESOME fox stickers! I love their sign. I wonder if they have these restaurant in Houston? I will ask my co-worker about it she lived there for many years. You mailed this card out on Nov 5 with comments about the election. WOW what a crazy thing that has turned out to be. HA!

Group 1154 (please close)

  • @KeithA / KDA Welcome back. Glad to hear from you and to know your doing doing ok with all this going on. #MaskUp. Hope to have you around in another group soon!

  • @jocrafts thanks for the great homemade envelope and cards. I loved the fun facts about the “Buffalo” nickel. Its one of my favorite coins so thank you for sending me one. I tried to see a date on here but its just too worn. It funny you should mention that it is actually a Bison. One of my other favorite US coins is the “Mercury” Dime which has a similar story. It got its name because people thought that image on the coin was that of the Roman god Mercury, which it is not. The artist who’s name I can recall right now said that the character is that of a “Winged” Lady Liberty.

  • @sleepykitty thanks for the plump rump! By the time you read this message only a couple more days and then you will have a bit of a break from your students for Thanksgiving!

  • @ckip I found this card to be funny in an sad evil kind of way. At first I though it was going to be this nice card where everyone is welcome and then I got to the bottom and it said to exploit them how true and sad! Driving from Tenn to Florida just to take a stroll on the beach? I think I would have been upset!

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group 1162 sent! :slight_smile:

The kinda sad thing about retirement is that Fridays are just another day flying by! I need to change my attitude.

That’s better!

The Double-Eagle (1160) group closed (thank you, Angeldreamer) and I just sent the address list.

I think that does it for now - thanks and I hope you have a wonderful, safe, masked, socially-distanced, fun weekend! :mask: :sunglasses:


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Open House
Thanks @Blue_Fox for the photo art from Emerson College. I like it because of all the bright colors.

Open House
Thanks @carolreader for the corny turnip joke!

Group 1155

@travelingyogibear - Bigfoot vs Fishman over Seattle! I have friends that live outside Seattle so this was a fun card to get! Thank you!

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