[RR] North American Round Robin February 2024 - The Super Bowl of Postcards Edition - Addresses Sent

#7 RobinP reporting the arrival of the last of my cards for this month…

from #5 @k8thegr8 - a travel poster for the British rail system. There’s quite a number of things in England that I’m a bit jealous of!

from # 12 @Yarn-Lady - a closeup of a llama with amazing eyelashes. Love it!

from #27 @beatriceh - an amazing Anne Boleyn card! I absolutely adore reading about the Tudor time period, so this was an absolutely delightful card for me! I would love to talk to her too. My interest in the time period spans to an interest in Scotland as well. A few years back my husband and I went to Scotland. He said it was really weird to watch me get all excited about places and people that he knew absolutely nothing about. I would say things like “Wow, this is where Rizzio was murdered!” or “This is Bothwell’s castle where he took Mary Queen of Scots when he kidnapped her!” LOL, I’m such a Tudor nerd and I’m in awe of your PhD in the subject!

That’s all cards from last month received from me.


18 reporting

20 @Triol Thank you so much for the awesome Florida flamingos!! Great memories of my own Florida trip last month! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

This card is not from this Round Robin.


All fixed - thanks for catching that.

#8 Shesa-Renegade reporting in with my last received card from #26 @sarahaeyo who sends a wonderful jellyfish card! I think jellyfish can definitely be considered plump…haha.

All cards received for February


#5 Missed reporting these cards earlier, thank you to everyone!!

#7 @RobinP sent a fantastic Black-Chinned Red Salamander from the Great Smoky Mountains NP! I can’t wait to visit this park one day!

#16 @jacieslar sent a pretty vintage reprint of a lady horse riding and wrangling hearts, for Valentine’s day :revolving_hearts::revolving_hearts:

#27 @beatriceh sent a rainbow “Love is Love” card :rainbow::rainbow_flag: thank you!



26 received: 23 (all!)

23 @CStar9 - same state, a little over 2 months to arrive! this one really took the scenic route haha lol maybe it decided to take the mbta :see_no_evil: glad that it arrived safely though :two_hearts::sparkles: thank you so much for the fabulous postcard~ our work called for a snow/wfh day for that nor’easter, but all we got was just ton of rain along the coast. sofra is fantastic! i really like pavement coffee, the thinking cup and tatte, although the latter can get super crowded on the weekend.

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@sarahaeyo In another RR, I just had a person from Worcester receive a card that had traveled to Iowa and several other places (postmarks evident)… crazy!

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OMG, #23 reporting that after over two months from the postmark, my glorious, oversized watercolor bouquet card from @LaurenceB (#18) has arrived! I hope you and the family had a truly wonderful vacation in Florida. Do you even remember it at this point? ;o) Big hugs. It sounds like it was terrific, and how cool that the kids got to see the ocean (and fly on a plane!).

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There have definitely been some delivery issues as of late! Glad these cards are finally finding their homes. Updated!

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#9 Reporting

#18 @LaurenceB sent an absolutely incredible very large and very beautiful California Missions card! Thank you so much! I love it! I don’t know where it went on it’s travels all these months (there’s no postmark) but I’m so glad it arrived. It’s the perfect card for me! :hugs: