[RR] North American Round Robin April 2024 - The Spring Fling Edition - Closed

26 ’s cards for #1-6, 18, 23 and 24 are all travelling

#7 Reporting

The following cards will be in tomorrow’s mail:
1, 5-9, 12, 14, 19 and 20

The remaining cards will be later this week.

#16 - Cards #9, 18-30 have been mailed.


Cards 1-9 have been mailed.

#14 hazygirl
All cards re in the mailbox for tomorrow’s pickup

#25 all cards have been sent out.

#13 - following cards are in the mail: 1-6, 14, 18, 23, 24 and 28

Updating this entry: All of my cards are in the mail as of 4/8/24

#22 uconn

All cards ready to mail

#16 All of my cards are on their way!

#6 reporting my first card of the month

#17 @YOIYUMTEWA sent a great image from pre-war Vienna

#22 uconn

#11 @architeuthis thanks for this closed restaurant. My favorite was Hofbrauhaus in West Springfield, but they’re closed :cry:

#17 @YOIYUMTEWA Polaroid watermelon. That’s a lot of watermelon

#19 received

#2 @CrimsonKing - thank you! Cute card and sticker! I have mostly TY Beanie Babies from my younger years, not to much stuffed animals, haha!

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#12 received:

from #8 @Shesa-Renegade a geologic map of Texas. Thank you! I have a bachelor’s degree in geology, but I never pursued the subject any further. Now I am just an enthusiastic layperson.

Thanks to #17 @YOIYUMTEWA for this card from the Vienna Workshop. Yes, I also wonder what their clandestine conversation is about.

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#2 reporting

#12 @pammykay Thank you Pam for this “Serengeti Spaghetti” from Charley Harper! :heart: I was thinking it was a zebra mosh pit before I read the back, haha! Quilt patterns, well, seeing as I’ve been “making” mine for over 4 years, I went with blocks. :laughing:

#17 @YOIYUMTEWA Thank you Rick for this art work of Egon Schiele! You are correct, I do like it. :smiley:

#19 @ellistrations Thank you Barbara for this dog card with a slight yellow hue to it! :dog2: You’re doing great with keeping up with my challenges, I’m loving it. :smiley:

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#19 received

#17 @YOIYUMTEWA - thank you! I am happy to receive holidays and New Years at any time, makes it more fun that way, haha!

#7 My remaining cards were mailed out this morning.

#2 reporting

#6 @mikeyz1 Thank you Mike for this art piece! :art: I wouldn’t mind visiting a mountain forest. :mountain: That is a proper chant, I like it. I also noticed you wrote the wrong city on my card, but it still made it to me! :smiley:

#8 @Shesa-Renegade Thank you René for this yellow spider card! :spider: Good thing it’s a cute spider, haha! Oh, night time egg hunting with flashlights sounds fun. What there anything good inside the eggs? :egg: :rabbit2:

#9 @WrenAtTheBeach Thank you Wren for this yellow pin-up card! :yellow_heart: What I love about Spring is that the land is waking from its slumber and the colors come alive and the flowers and trees are blooming again. In our new house, all that’s blooming in our yard is dandelions, bah! LOL.

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#15 reporting that all cards were dropped off at the post office yesterday afternoon.

Also as received cards from 8, 12 and 17

@Shesa-Renegade #8 sent this wonderful Clemente Bridge card. And yes, I have found a few cards that are difficult to write on as well. I have to run through the gamut of pens I have to actually find one that will.

@pammykay #12 sent this great card of Pickett’s Charge from Gettysburg National Military Park. Thanks for the fantastic fence card, and the special stamps to make it a super fantastic card. It is a wonderful addition. I went there a couple of times when I was working in the area. It was a wonderful experience.

@YOIYUMTEWA #17 sent this great card from the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Moriz Jung’s The Famous Birdhounds of the Duke of Gramatneiss. I have bought some of the box sets that I also find a bit unique and quite unusual as well.

Thanks all for these great cards.

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#19 received

#5 @carolreader - thank you! You will have n amazing time in Hawaii. I recommend seeing all you can and enjoy the local cuisine, support the local mom and pop places.

#16 @jacieslar - thank you! Spring has been bipolar here as well. One day it’s perfect and sunny, the next it is freezing. Going to be a cold week at night, but luckily sunny during the day.

#25 received cards from 11, 17 and 14

Thanks for the San Fran view card @architeuthis
The earthday card is so punny😂 thanks @Hazygirl
Thanks for the view card @YOIYUMTEWA