[RR] North American Round Robin April 2024 - The Spring Fling Edition - Closed

#24 reporting

#21 @Beachyblonde sent a wonderful card of Sophia Loren - it’s photos like this that made smoking look cool I guess

#27 @RobinP sent a beautiful card from Hopewell Culture National Historical Park - a new member of the UNESCO family, cool!


#20 checking in :partying_face:

got my last card today from #27 @RobinP - I haven’t been back to Myrtle Beach in many years but used to go down there during the summers because it wasn’t too far away. I hope you had a good time :smiling_face:

april narr

#10 received final card from @carolreader #5

Postmarked April 1
Received sometime this week May 6 to May 10 while I was out of town.

Thanks for the Wright Bros card. Carillion HP is on my list to visit.

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18 reporting - sorry for the delay!

3 @Cruzin Thank you for thre great addition to my flamingo collection! Love the sticker and stamps too!

4 @jenhart Thank you for the Carmel beach! I had no clue about this Hamburg Miniature Wonderland!!! Gaah I might need to goooo!! I’m a huge fan of miniatures too!! In Toronto we have Little Canada which is fabulous if you’re ever in the area!! Hope you find some nice postcards there :grin::grin:

6 @mikeyz1 Thank you for the unique travel poster! I agree with you, unique niche museums are the best - especially when travelling!

15 @4kids2pay4 Thank you for the great vintage grapefruits! This idea to have citrus trees available is so foreign for me here! Love the postal truck stamp!

20 @potatertot Thank you soo much for the beautiful wild cat! Love it!!! Ever since I was young I always loved them!

21 @Beachyblonde Thank you for the fish art! So unique!! My eldest started baseball last weekend, I’ll have the same life as you soon :joy:


18 reporting - forgot one!

29 @melvnoble Thank you sooo much for the Greetings from Washington card!!! Absolutely LOVE this series!!

#5 received a card from #18 @LaurenceB. From Palm Springs - how fun! Thank you for the great card!

I am concerned about our postal service. For the past few months, I don’t seem to receive all my cards (and I know they were mailed!), and mine are always late.
(I’m still missing two cards for April.)

I agree with you, Carol. I often get international postcards faster than the domestic cards these days!

I think they put all of my stack of outgoing cards sent on April 25th in an address unknown, return to sender pile. I’m getting the envelopes back, but afraid all the postcards with no return label are bound for the garbage!!

25 received card from 23

Thanks for the titina card @suatelier i too have 2 eggs spinach cheese and coffee every morning!


#29 - I received my last postcard for April! Oddly enough, two days later, I received Sarah’s May card.

#26 @sarahaeyo - Thank you for this postcard of John & Jacqueline Kennedy! This is an earlier portrait of them than I have so far. He was just a simple senator and not yet President. They look so beautiful! The Kennedys are definitely like American royalty. It’s wild how long they’ve had an impact on politics.

#23 reporting last card of this RR!

#9 @WrenAtTheBeach Thank you for the Gateway Arch NP card! What I love about spring…the flowers! Paints the world in colour. I also like the warmer weather where the wind is still nice and cool - my fav kind of weather!