[RR] North American August 2023 Round Robin - Old Thread - Do not use

I’d like to join, had so much fun last time :slight_smile:

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If space, I’d love to join!

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I am currently in the hospital with a broken arm… Multiple breaks. I have a surgery scheduled for tomorrow with a specialist. I unfortunately have to drop out of this month. I am completely unable to send any postcards considering it’s my right arm and I am right handed. Please send me good vibes because I’m scared and I could use it. I will miss writing everyone in August.


I hope you will feel better soon!! Good luck :crossed_fingers:


Hoping for a speedy recovery… and that we will see you in the forum next month!


Would be happy to join if there is space :slight_smile: Doh, just saw that there isn’t. Next time!

Thinking of you and will be sending a good vibes postcard. I know it’s all scary and frustrating but your body knows just how to heal from this! May you have good care and lots of time to rest.

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Hi all! Sorry for the delay with the addresses this month!
Craig will not be able to send them so I will send the message tonight!
Thank you for understanding

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#19 - all cards are ready to go out on Tuesday, August 1st!

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#7–My cards are written and will go to the post office first thing in the morning.

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My postcards will be dropped off at the post office on the way to visit with a fellow postcrosser who is in town today. I’ll get to give them a personal tour of the Jimmy Stewart Museum, where I work.

I know…TMI


#23 mailed off cards 1-17 this morning

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#22 uconn

Mailing 1 - 3 today

#28 @TwoDoggies

Cards 1-18 in today’s mail.

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Cards 22-30 went in the mail today.

#8 Shesa-Renegade all of my cards are written and will be dropped off at the post office on my way into work in the morning! :bouncing:

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remaining cards, 18-30 are in the mail today

remaining cards
#19-30 are in today’s mail

#9 here.

Cards 17-21 went in the mail today.

#14 hazygirl
all cards are traveling

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