[RR] North American April 2023 Round Robin - The Flowers Flowers Everywhere Edition

Many thanks to the following people:

#16 @jacieslar for the Happy Earth Day card! We just finished the state standardized testing last week. I saw my students in class one day only. What a week!

#20 @Triol for the wonderful Stop War card. You love to travel by car…and cruise ship!

#21 @savitame for the fabulous blue cat card. Your comment comparing the scene to when I update the forum made me laugh!

The first post has been updated. I will be opening May later this evening after I return from dinner.


#19 received

#7 @CStar9 - thank you! I’m sure your friend and I would get along. I’ve swapped with her a few times and they’re always fun. Our yard has too many trees to see the stars, but it is nice when we can see them.

#18 @LaurenceB - thank you! Everything you wrote sounds like a lot of fun! I’ve never done an escape room. I’d have to go with a few smart people. Scared I may become claustrophobic, haha! I really need to visit a place where I can go overboard with buying fun, different postcards… but then again, I really REALLY need to get through what I do have. So nice to hear from you again!

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#5 reporting:

#4 @jenhart – Looks like you had a beautiful visit to the Dominican Republic, language barriers or no! Palm trees!! Thank you for the nice card.

#7 @cstar9 – Cool mashup of a famous Japanese painting with a cup of tea! I loved the back of your card, too – you described a magical early spring day spent with your five-year-old daughter. I could almost hear the peepers myself! Thank you.

#16 @jacieslar – Happy Earth Day! I will be celebrating with my hiking club by cleaning up a trail near downtown Akron – one that’s notoriously trashy. Unfortunately, it appears we may be doing so in the pouring rain! Great card – thanks!


good afternoon all I (#14 Harleyq2btrue) had a very full mailbox this afternoon :smiley:

first up from #4 @jenhart a amazing Virgin islands beach card. i can only imagine how stunning those views must have been. was it much cooler there in the Mountains or on the beach with the wind? either way probably way to hot for me ha ha ha. but thank you again!

then #8 @Shesa-Renegade sent a beautiful view of the Portland rose gardens, its one of those places were i think i have been but never actually have been. because of this i will say no (if i don’t remember it does not count) i dont think i have visited and if i had to guess how many cards i have … ill guess right around 1500 as well, reason being is i just purchased a lot of 1000 of them from my home state. off a auction website. ha ha ha im still trying to sort them into some sort of system that makes sense to me. thank you for the card and making me take a moment to think :slight_smile:

#13 @ladybug513 sent a beautiful “love” stamp card its the first one like this i have received so thank you very much not only for the beautiful rose card but for this style as well. aww well enjoy the young “couple” in your neighborhood. but it dose make me a bit nervous for them that they seem to have no fear of people. thank you so much for all the goodies.

happy Earth Day to you as well #16 @jacieslar! with a great ocean themed Earth Day card, i think its very important to make sure that people (especially young kids) understand that we only get one planet, and we need to take good care of her, i dont think colonizing Mars is the whole answer :slight_smile: but that sounds like a lot of fun not only for the kids but you as well! thanks for the great card and the reminder too!

then next up (ok im cheating this one may have come in yesterday :rofl:) a great flower card from #21 @savitame that sounds like a fun trip i hope you make it! make sure to take plenty of photos as well as bring home other goodies. thank you for the beautiful card & interesting stamp i dont think i have seen this one yet!

finally for this batch came #29 @melvnoble with a beautiful bunch of tulips so far we have had some pretty mild temps but the end of the month there shoving us up into the 70’s i am not looking forward to that at all, good luck to both of us on that though, its comming if i like it or not but i figure i have to “earn my do’s” by suffering threw the heat. thankyou for the amazing card!

and thats it for now, thank you everyone for the wonderful cards!


#11 hazygirl reporting

#4 @jenhart sent a nice map of the Virgin Islands. I agree about the water.
#17 @mindymcmillan sent a super cute Hello Kitty card. I am so honored that you sent me a card that you’ve held onto for so long. Thank you!
#20 @triol sent Lou Paper Margarita, one of which would be nice right now. My husband and I are road trippers too.
Thank you all, Great choices


Another update is done, and May is now open! If you’re signing up for May, please click on the link and sign up in the new thread. Do not sign up here.

#22 uconn

#4 @jenhart no buzzer beaters and dull is ok with me, less heartburn lol
Thanks for this map card

#20 @Triol
Thanks for this card! Cool skeleton


#25 here, let me update really quickly!!! :sweat_smile:

#2 @CrimsonKing what a cutie queen easter bunny. I haven’t had chocolate bunnies in so long.
#3 @Cruzin easter eggs! We just had a quiet day at home on Easter.
#5 @carolreader What a fun lost consonants card! I wish I had such a cool quirky card collection to pass out. I do love flowers, though. And what a cute Franklin from Charlie Brown episode.
#6 @mikeyz1 Haha–“Greetings from the Rhine. What could be more beautiful on the earth than such a drop of the finest wine,” followed by a popout of all these cool German places! I love this!! Is your last name German? Perfectly coordinating Rube Goldberg stamp. It was really great meeting you in person!
#7 @CStar9 what a beautiful painting of THE John Lewis stirring good trouble. What a force in our nation, and what a great loss. :cry: Thank you so so much for this card. And wow! What a cute way to hide the joke’s punch line. :slight_smile: I’m surprised I got it :slight_smile: Ahh! You work right down the street from my alma mater-MIT :slight_smile:
#8 @Shesa-Renegade Mt. Alyeska–how beautiful! I have EASILY over 2500 cards to send–got to keep sending! :sweat_smile:
#9 @RobinP Alaska wildflowers!! Omg–I have NEVER heard about MJ’s dad’s murder! How crazy!! I need to go watch this series now!
#10 @volvomom feed your dreams, not the fears card. I’m hanging this one right in front of my work computer this month–I need it!
#11 @Hazygirl a German lit postcard. I’m glad you got some free time to work on postcarding!
#12 @Yarn-Lady we ARE all human postcard. I hope your snow has melted and you’re enjoying the same spring we’re solidly in now.
#13 @ladybug513 a beaaautiful purple lilac bouquet painting by Robert Kushner with a hand cancelled postmark and perfectly matching stamp. I hope the egg hunt went well (and dry) for y’all!
#16 @jacieslar Yessssss a beautiful purplish Earth Day card. Ahh—what a beautiful way to spend your Earth Day season! We’re back to our summer daily walks. It’s so beautiful today.
#17 @mindymcmillan a lovely colorable butterfly! But I definitely get trying to color cards for someone else. I did it once, and sent the rest of the pack uncolored. :stuck_out_tongue: I will enjoy coloring this card now myself while watching TV.
#18 @LaurenceB lovely lavender!! And omg ALLLLL the Canadian stamps!! So much purple, too! Thank you!!
#19 @ellistrations a beautiful Aquilegia in the Rocky Mountains. Love the purple, and OMG congratulationssssssss on your upcoming nuptials!! Ahhh! Congrats on the dress, too!!!
#21 @savitame I did NOT know that an octupus had 9 brains! but it makes sense because their arms sense so much! I LOVE paint by numbers–it’s one of my favorite games on my phone :stuck_out_tongue:
#22 @uconn Easter greetings–yea sometimes small dinners are best with just the parentals.
#24 @roxy a Pantone purple heart card–they are more slippery–I’ve seen some great collages definitely fall off in transit. Beautiful stickers!
#29 @melvnoble a suave George Washington :stuck_out_tongue: Awe–yea the initial founding fathers are all very interesting complicated people.

Thank you allll for a wonderful mailbox!!!



@Cruzin #3 Thanks for this bunny card! I hope your hand heals soon.
@jenhart #4 Thank you for the card from Puerto Plata! I bought this set of cards in 2019 when I was visiting…but yours are in much better condition than the ones I found!
@jacieslar #16 This is such a cute Earth Day card! Thank you!
@suatelier #23 A meetup on a train! HOW AWESOME!!! Kudos to whoever thought of the idea.


It’s funny how some things seem like such a big deal to one person, but not to another. College basketball, and Michael Jordan in particular, are a huge deal in NC. So of course, the tragedy of his father’s death was also a huge deal. You should definitely watch the series. And if you’re wondering whether the corruption and craziness down there could possibly be real… yes, it is. The stories I heard and lived during my time down there!

#9 reporting that my mailbox is back up and receiving cards! The most recent haul includes the following…

from #4 @jenhart - Virgin Islands map card. Oh man, I bet that was a wonderful trip! And we’re enjoying the Carolina weather too! Dinner outside every evening. Tonight the kids and my husband will sleep in a tent in the backyard. I will ‘guard the house.’

from #7 @CStar9 - one card showing posters for all 63 National Parks. Fun! And the “Big NIght” sounds like a hoot. My kids would love it!

from #23 @suatelier - a view of Toronto. It really is a pretty image. I would imagine that harbour walk would be very pleasant!

from #29 @melvnoble - Fallingwater. What a shame you couldn’t take a peek at the inside! We toured the Frank Lloyd Wright house in the Chicago area and it was lovely.

Thank you all for the great cards!


#2 reporting

#4 @jenhart sent St. Thomas, a card from her Spring break trip, thank you Jennifer! I hope you had a LOT of fun in the sun out there. My sister lived on the island for 4 months with one of her friends in her early 20s, a get away from home experience and she called home often because of homesickness, which I understand. I moved away from my family in my 20s to San Jose for a couple of years, wasn’t easy, but it was fun and life lessons learned.

#7 @CStar9 sent a Troubled Bird, thank you C! I love these cards, haha! I too had a bit of hesitation when I sent Effin’ Birds postcards out. :rofl: I have one left, both sets of cards are great. F-bombs all over the Effin’ Birds book too, hehehe. Send all the “bad” birds you want my way, haha!

#10 @volvomom sent a pin-up, thank you Kristin! It is new to me, I need to make a zonerama album of all the ones I have, hehe. I’m slowly working on scanning my cards, not all of them though, that’d be waaaay too many albums, haha! Organizing can be fun, sometimes. :grin:

#16 @jacieslar sent a cool dragonfly, thank you JoAnne! Holy smokes, over 3,000 species of dragonflies?! That’s crazy and so cool! Last year I saw ones that were electric blue around my house, smaller ones, it was neat to see. Happy Earth Day to you as well! :smiley: My oldest sister has a couple of dragonfly tattoos. :blush:

#21 @savitame sent blue cat kittens and pancakes, thank you Savita! These cards are all great and funny. :blush: I use my kitchen table for puzzles, haha, my husband and I just push it to one corner and eat at the table with the leftover space. I should start another one, lol. I don’t do paint-by-numbers, I’d paint outside the lines too much I think.

#29 @melvnoble sent an encouraging flower card, thank you Mel! Cute stickers you added too. :blush: Definitely plenty of blue on this one (snickers).


More delightful cards!!!

8 @Shesa-Renegade - Fabulous card from the Clinton Library… I love presidential libraries - all of them. It is an amazing history lesson! Stash - ummmm - lots and lots and lots of boxes full.

25 @jocrafts! Fun card! I remember conferences and retreating to my room whenever possible!

29 @melvnoble an interesting card and lovely birthday greetings – I think I need to count backwards, but it would not fool anyone!

Thank you all for hte wonderful cards!

watching for 4 - 7- 18 - 20 -21 -23

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#24 reporting

#3 @cruzin sent a card featuring the “love nest” room at the Madonna Inn. I love this one!!

#8 @Shesa-Renegade sent a wonderful card of the Barbara Fritchie Motel in Maryland. I got a lovely American history lesson from this card. Great choice!

#16 @hootnoodle sent a great vintage ad reprint for the giant Heidelberg Electric Belt for only $18.00 - don’t suffer in silence! Circa 1900 wacky medical device. Great card!

#21 @savitame sent the most beautiful card of Zinnias. I had zinnias on my deck last summer - they’re so pretty!


#5 received a card from #21 @savitame: fun facts about Giant Pandas! Such endearing animals! Thank you!


@LaurenceB #18 Thank you for adding FDR’s summer home on Campobello Island to my map! I was surprised that it was in Canada, but it made sense when I saw where it was.
@Triol #20 Thanks for the beautiful card of Washington state. This summer, I will be moving to a new city and starting a new job. Scary but exciting!

#29 - More great postcards to report!

#4 @jenhart - Thank you Jen for this postcard of a map of Republica Dominicana! Ha, there are some months where I just don’t know what to say or it feels like it might be boring, but other months I feel so inspired to write about anything and everything! I don’t know about others, but I’d love to hear your thoughts on the last NY Times piece you read! :laughing:

#20 @Triol - Thank you Olga for this Lou Paper recipe postcard for an Old Fashioned! I am not a drinker myself, but I just love how these postcards are illustrated. The temps have been up and down the last few weeks here in Western PA, so I’m looking forward to something a little more comfortable and stable! We like to go to parks and museums!

#21 @savitame - Thank you Savita for this postcard of the famous Earthrise image of Earth! I do play The Sims 4, but I haven’t played in a bit. I enjoy doing challenges to spice things up a bit. Currently, I’m playing through 10 Generations on short lifespan. I know there’s been a recent infant update, so I’m a bit curious about that!

#28 @hootnoodle - Thank you for this postcard of an Iguana from Costa Rica! I would love to travel outside the States. Learning about history and culture sounds so neat! But also nature and wildlife sound like a fun focus. Hope you had the best time!

After travelling for 17 days, #25 @jocrafts’ card finally arrived. It wouldn’t take 17 days to walk from Indianapolis to Bay City. I wonder where the care was hanging out?? Anyway, I love the card and hope to see the US southwest someday.

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Updated again :wink:

Great stack to report:

#4 @Cruzin : fantastic punch buggy at sunset. I hate when I use the “wrong” pen and it smears or won’t work on certain cards. Grrrr.

#6 @mikeyz1 :view of the Devils Garden. We spent Easter driving on I-95 all day after our cruise. Not even eggs for us :laughing:

#7 @CStar9 : great sketching of Boston. We pronounce my street “Whoa-burn” Like “whoa” to a horse, with a long “o.” It’s how its pronounced in Britain where the name of the street came from. It’s close to the Mass way, but the accent makes it a touch different.

#8 @Shesa-Renegade : fabulous Minneapolis (I’m a Minnesota native). My stash is down to a couple hundred now, but I am ordering more today to match profiles better for next month!

#18 @LaurenceB : love this whimsical card with vans and summer gear! Guilty story - we drove a lot when my girls were growing up. I hope yours learn to love a car trip as my girls’ do!

#20 @Triol : Boldt Castle in NY. Nice little place they had! We are taking an Alaskan cruise this summer - can’t wait!

#21 @savitame : Blue cats :heart: I saw Aladdin on tour, not on Broadway. The Cave of Wonders?? Wow! Such a fun show.

#25 @jocrafts : the beautiful Grand Canyon. I love the western parks! So far Zion is my favorite … but I have more to go!

#29 @melvnoble : chicken corn soup. I love corn so I’d probably like this! But with butter :laughing: