[RR] Alternative Monthly NARR - Jan-June 2024 - June sign-ups closed

Received two cards from @sleepyhippo1 and @nursegarry
Thank you!!

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Good afternoon everyone
One lovely postcard for me (#3) in today’s mail for June.
From @saoirse253 (#2) a lovely Ocean Shores postcard depicting horses in the fog. I’m so glad you got away for a day trip. And some beautiful postcards for your collection. :blush: Thank you for the great postcard!

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June 2024 - #1, My cards have been sent already, and I have a couple to report.

#2 @saoirse253 A Lantern Press from Sharky’s in Ocean Shores, WA. Thank you!

#5 @sleepyhippo1 An art piece from Disney’s Frozen

#6 @potatertot I hope to visit Egypt one day too, but for now I’ll enjoy it through postcards :slight_smile:

#9 @virgomar0918 I love the Cats on Catnip pictures! Thank you!


May #6 rec’d from #4 @Maslover12
Thank you Steph for this Van Gogh. I visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art, but don’t remember if I saw this one.

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June - 9 received card from 6 @potatertot that sounds like a fun week with your friend. I’m going to dinner with one of my good friends tonight!

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#6 checking in :partying_face:

#3 @harleyq2btrue - Florida sounds great! It’s been surprisingly breezy here even so I’m ready for the summer heat to kick in :rofl:

#5 @sleepyhippo1 - Oddly enough, I like learning about coffee but not so much drinking it haha! Caffeine puts me to sleep :sweat_smile:

alt narr 5

#7 @nursegarry - Sounds like you’ve got a fun summer ahead of you. Safe travels and have fun :smiling_face:

#9 @virgomar0918 - Isn’t there just something so comforting about the smell of coffee brewing in the mornings? I’m the same way when I start off the day with some tea :+1:

alt narr 9


Received from @saoirse253 (I love the heron, and your note!) and @harleyq2btrue (loooove the map of Florida! Congrats on your youngest graduating. Bittersweet I’m sure!)

This means I (#10) have received from #2, #3 , #5, and #7 :slight_smile:

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Received for June
@virgomar0918 Lou paper summer garden. Everything on this card looks delicious. You have not sent this card already.
@saoirse253 Anne of Green Gables. I didn’t read the books until I was an adult. One of the rare series where I like both the books and the movies.

Thank you both for the great cards


June - # 9 received cards from 2,3 & 5

@saoirse253 thanks for the coffee card- that cup
Looks cozy and yummy!

@harleyq2btrue thanks for the view card - congrats on your son’s graduation!

@sleepyhippo1 thanks for the titina card another for my collection😊 haven’t seen sheep too closely other than zoo and petting zoo!

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Received for June
@potatertot Peter rabbit. A very good card for animals in clothing. Thank you

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#6 checking in for June :partying_face:

#10 @antoniaseagull - it’s always nice when someone’s got a green thumb! I’m lucky to keep my succulents alive :rofl:

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#3 checking in for the month of June,
its been a interesting couple of days so im a bit behind, hopefully by the weekend life will be “normal” what ever that is.

#5 @sleepyhippo1, selected a beautiful Snake River at sunset postcard, its been windy here as well, i keep expecting our power to go out. so far we’ve been lucky, i hope that yours blew all the “bad” bugs away & kept all the ones that are “good” flowers and fruits and veggies are important :slight_smile:

opps one more lost in the pile
#6 @potatertot a wonderful Ft. Walton Beach & Okaloosa Island in Florida card, yep lol i know i have salt water in my veins, ours are just two different oceans, i hope we can both get some beach time this summer. as its good for the mind and heart!

#7 @nursegarry, sent a nice surprise with a ancient Egyptian motif. i love this card! i like to think i would have abstained from the Victorian Egyptomania, but i probably wouldn’t have. Yes im with you ive been very interested in the Cicadas as well there fascinating! i have seen them do it but only during a documentary on the subject of poisonous beetles i dont know how close i would like to see them do it though.

from #9 @virgomar0918 , sent a fun “rose truck” card. wouldn’t that be nice, a truck driving around like a ice cream truck randomly delivering roses to people. lol growing up my mothers favorite color was pink (still is her favorite) so im a little pinked out lol. but thats why different things come in different colors, everyone likes something different!

thank you everyone for the awesome postcards!!


Received for May from @KQ
and for June from @saoirse253 , @virgomar0918 , @harleyq2btrue and @potatertot

Thanks so much!


9 received card from 10 @antoniaseagull thanks for flowers card. I love roses my mom had a green thumb and had so many in our garden but I didn’t inherit that trait!

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June I (#10) received cards from #6 @potatertot such friendly flowers
And from #9 @virgomar0918 lovely yellow bird
Thank you!

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Mailed all my postcards

#6 checking in for June :partying_face:

#2 @saoirse253 - it’s good that y’all still have some time to plan out where you’d like to go! hopefully it’ll be a smooth transition when it gets here

Scan 2

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9 received card from 1 @blubay2021 thanks for the BC card taking my son to movie theatre for first time to see inside out 2 tomorrow!

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Received a card from @blubay2021 for June
Thanks so much! Hope you got to have a fun day at the park

#2 checking in for June:

#3 @harleyq2btrue - I always love a Beatle card, and yes on an event in Tacoma in the fall; working out the details (with a card even)
#5 @sleepyhippo1 - I love this shrink-wrapped puzzle card; it looks so retro, where did you find this?
#6 @potatertot - The Owney story is so sweet; there is a picture book of this that I read to my son when he was little; your card reminded me of it, and I checked it out to read to my visiting grandson. Thank you!
#7 @nursegarry - couldn’t agree more, he was a class act; darn the post office tore the paper on the back of the card and I’m missing some of your message. I wonder what you keep telling…??? That someday things will make sense again? :grinning:
#9 @virgomar0918 - this sweet cat reminds me of my Lucy. She’s always staring up at the counter. :slight_smile:
#10 @antoniaseagull - thank you so much for sharing your family Watership Down story. What a wonderful memory to have. I first experienced this story from my 5th grade teacher reading it to the class. The magic of books. :heart: