RR addresses

Would it be possible to allow RR hosts to see the addressess of participants via postcrossing system? It is hard to remember tho who hosts I have already given my new address after moving. Also happends few times the addresses have been given to participants and I have sent the card and then finds out the address have changed.

The addresses would be shared with every single other host? What about data protection? Is there an opt-in or opt-out if a participant doesn’t want this? And where would the addresses be stored where they are safe from curious eyes and could still be accessed and edited by all hosts but only the hosts? I can’t see this ever becoming a reality.

Be mindful of the private information, including addresses, that others entrust with you. Use it only for the purposes for which it was given to you. If you’re not sure whether someone is OK with having their information shared with another person, ask them first.
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Edit: Reading your text again, I think you want the hosts not to have a separate system but to get the addresses from the Postcrossing website, don’t you? I also can’t see this happening, the forum is separate from the main website. The Postcrossing team is not responsible for everything that happens in the forum, forum postcard and address exchanges. But they are responsible for the main website, and if something happened because they gave out the addresses to these hosts, then, well, they would be responsible. So they would have to make sure that every single host is a trustworthy person. There still has to be an opt-in or opt-out. There is a lot to consider.


I have no idea would it be possible, I guess it´s not, I didn´t know the Forum is so separated system. I absolutely agree with safety lines.

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Honestly do you think this was my suggestion? I don´t think anyone wants whoever can see the addresses. To be clear, I don´t want everyone can have whatever addresses the ask. That option just didn´t come to my mind there could be dishonest hosts. Sorry telling what I was wondering.

Literally anyone can become a host. So if this happened, everyone would potentially have everyone’s addresses.

I think you should make a list of all the RRs you participate in and send your new address to all the hosts. Even if you’ll do it the second time, I’m sure it will be fine. Certainly every host would rather get this information twice than never at all. I use the bookmark option every time I send my address to a host. It’s a good way to remember which RRs you’ve joined.