Round Robin Group Size

For those of you who participate in Round Robins, what is your ideal group size for regular groups? Disregard any specialty RR groups, like monthlies or every 100, etc.

What is your ideal Round Robin group size?
  • 3 (you plus two others)
  • 4 (you plus three others)
  • 5 (you plus four others)
  • 6 (you plus five others)
  • 7+

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Looks like four cards is pretty unanimously liked!

I think, even if you disregard the “specialty RR groups” you mentioned, it still depends on the topic, the type and popularity of the RR and my stock of cards. In my own RRs, for rather specific groups, I like to keep the group number low with three participants so that people don’t have to wait e.g. for a year until the group is full but only for a few months. Also because those cards are often difficult to acquire and I imagine it is easier to find two cards instead of three. When I notice that they become more popular, I raise the group size to four in future iterations of the same theme. And when I notice the opposite, the next groups will have three participants again.
For “normal” groups I also like four participants. More than 5 is too much at once for me unless I really like the topic.

I’m thinking of raising the group sizes in the Goody Two Shoes Chaotic Nonsense RR, too. They are rather unpredictable but the RR has become quite popular, too. Maybe I could assign each group a different size. :thinking: Or keep them open until a date and not any specific size is reached so that all can participate who joined until then. I’m gonna start testing some new formats soon, be prepared, goody-two-shoeses!