Round Robim asking for Slavic country members

If this is not proper place for this topic, my sorry. I though how this could be presented. Need of Slavic members who interest exchange more than one postcards.
Have open groups need Slavic member to complete and have been waiting over a year. Please follow link. If link does not past see Form - RR - Slavic Countries



I dont understand what you mean…

I know some groups have been opened for a long, but there are not Slavic members interesting in joining the RRs… so what can I do?

I notice they were doing tags for themselves. Thought possible unaware of the Round Robin for Slavic and the world was formed and if anyone would be exchanging cards outside their boundries

…and your profile is set as ‘‘Not interested in direct swaps’’ ? And then you are asking for Slavic people to participate??! Hmmh. And without explaining how ‘‘Round Robin’’ works… I don’t have a time to look for that. You should explain the mechanism of that if you want to exchange like that?! What is the nature of ‘‘Round Robin’’ and how it works…

Hi. It was a post asking Slavic people to come over and participate. I see them doing tagging game. Many Groups waiting for Slavic members to complete

When you are in the Forum scroll down to Games and activities see round robin (RR) as one of the games. click it and find many round robin games as another way sending and receiving post cards.

{quote} A forum game in which everyone sends postcards to everyone else in the group.

How do Round Robins (RR) work?

Each RR has a host, and this person chooses the theme (or themes) of that RR, the amount of postcards that will be exchanged and how many members there will be in each group. They are responsible for organizing the groups, collecting and distributing the addresses and checking when the members of the group send and receive the postcards.

The participants of a RR group will then send the postcards to everyone in their group within a certain period of time, informing when they’ve sent them and when they receive some postcard. To make it easier to recognize these postcards, the sender should write the name of the RR and the group on their postcard. It is also convenient to send a message to inform the participants when a postcard is received.

Everyone is welcome to participate in different groups, vacancy allowing.

I used to participate quite a lot in this Slavic RR (host Bea is doing a great job), but got disappointed too many times by the cards that I got in return - while I sent something that matched receipts wishlist (particular theme, uncommon location in case of view cards), the return cards were the most common places from where I already had numerous pieces or some random cards that were sent to get rid of them.

And then is also the personal reason - why would I exchange cards with someone from a country that is an aggressor or from a country that supports a genocide committing country if I have a chance not to. Every open group has already at least one member from such country, so I choose not to host them (in past couple of weeks I could easily host 5 different country groups).

I much more prefer participating in topics where I can decide about the countries and cards that I would prefer to receive.