Rolodex for postcards?

Hello postcard enthusiasts :blush:

I have the idea to display my postcards in a rolodex. But I cannot find one to buy for the size that regular postcards have.

Has anyone an idea how it would be possible to make a rolodex for postcards? Perhaps with a 3D-printer?

Hope there is an engineer reading my question :wink:

Happy postcrossing day :mailbox_with_mail:


Found this over web. It seems interesting for displaying postcard.


Thank you :slight_smile: Yes I know this kind of art making. For me it seems that this is not the seize of a postcard but the original rolodox card size.

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But you would need to punch the postcards, to attach to this kind of system, right?
Maybe you could do similar by removing the system of a binder, and make/buy the hole strips (that you can put to your cards). That way your cards don’t need holes and you can do this style of flippable thing for your cards.

Hello Silke! I had looked for something similar a short time ago and came across this. Maybe it would work?

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Thank you for your great ideas and hints, these are really helpful to find a solution for me!


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