Rina Zeniuk Napoleon 2013 cat postcard

Does any one have a tip for me on where I can buy a very specific Rina Zeniuk postcard? It is the 2013 Napoleon cat. I was clicking off favorites several months ago and came across it. It is my favorite card ever, and yet I am having NO luck trying to buy about 20 of them, much less even one. I had one person who almost sent me one as a swap, but alas, I didn’t have anything she wanted for a swap. Then I found an online store that had it, but it wasn’t able to sell to me in US dollars.


Just a suggestion. I get a lot of her cards from Russian members. You might look through the Russian members who want to exchange and ask them if they have the card.
Its a cute card, good luck.

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Thanks - spent another hour today trying to find it somewhere, ANYwhere that I can buy it in US dollars. Even tried finding the 2013 box set in hopes that it just might be one of the 60 in that collection. Still no luck.

Maybe I can promise 10 interesting postcards back to the first person who can/will send me this postcard? Sort of a a weird “swap lottery”? I’ll have to make sure with the Admins that is OK, but I might do that…

Hi! Try order on this site
They also have other Blue Cats and other cute card.

mymagicard sells your card as well. you can pay with paypal if that’s an option for you.

if you’re looking for a written card send to you i would post in the postcard section, i’m sure there would be people happy to swap with you.
personally i wouldn’t exchange 10 cards for one quite basic and cheap card but well. thats up to you of course.

I have tried mymagiccard a couple of times and for some reason had problems at checkout. It was frustrating, but I’m sure it’s something I’m doing or not doing. I will try your suggestion of a direct swap on a different thread - thanks!

UPDATE - thanks everyone who directed me to the right vendor. I finally figured out why I couldn’t check out - minimum order. No worries there - I just picked a couple dozen Blue Cat cards to add to my order and voila! Yeah!!!


Well, rats. I spoke a little too soon. I was able to place an order, but then I was informed it was being cancelled because of the issues right now with mail and/or financial transactions between certain countries. So I’m back to looking. Oh well.

@Wynnie I keep it in my mind for my next order of blue cats cards to order this Napoleon card for you, ok? In the moment 2 orders are on their way to me (one from Russia, sent via Kazakhstan, and one from Belarus - I have to wait if and when they arrive :wink: I have seen that these both shops sell your Napoleon card). So give me a bit time and I will be back to you with a message, ok?


You bet! And thanks. :smile:

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if you are still interested in having the postcard, I have one available. If you want to send me a private message.
Maria Teresa

@Wynnie is this still valid? I do my next order now and could order one of these Napoleon cards for you if you still need it :smiley:

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Ohhh yesyesyesyes, please! I have still been trying to get that card and have been unable to order it.

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And PS - please let me know if there is some special kind of card you love that I could send in return.

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