Reward one card slot for completing anniversary on postcrossing


Currently every one is under the limit set for sending postcards. How about rewarding people an additional slot on their Postcrossing joining anniversary or on their birthday?

Please express your opinions.

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Hi Arjun,

what exactly do you mean? Giving people the opportunity to send one extra card on their birthday / PC anniversary or permanently increasing the overall number of cards they’re allowed to send by one on these occasions?

For the first: It wouldn’t really matter to me personally. I don’t think I’ll have time to send an extra postcard on my birthday and I don’t remember the exact date of my PC anniversary, so I would probably miss it anyway.
As for the latter: I wouldn’t want that. I’m happy with the way the number of card slots increases already and don’t think anything needs to be changed.


I am not inclined to support this idea.

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With 46 potential cards I don’t suffer from the limit anymore - but I think it’s a good suggestion. People who stick around one whole year are serious enough about it that they ‘deserve’ it. Esp. from long-traveling-countries.
Even when many ‘oldies’ did it not have back then in their early limited times.


The idea is to allow you to send one extra card beyond your current limit, not to increase your limit permanently.
It would be necessary to implement an anti-cheating mechanism, for the birthday extra card.

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Thanks for clarifying.
In my opinion this makes things unnecessaryly complicated.


I find it a nice idea… especially for slow travelling countries. If your cards need 10 or less days, you probably not need many slots, and you gain more slots a lot faster anyway. I have all my slots occupied and I mostly get them freed by expiring cards. Few make it to their destination in less than 50-60 days.

So a birthday slot wouldnt hurt (or an anniversary one)

Im not sure if the algorithm would easily support this idea tho!

The limit of concurrent travelling cards grows over time as you send & receive more card, as it stands today.

Personally I don’t like the idea of awarding slots based purely on users account age. Imagine registering an account years ago, activated it by sending one card, keeping it active by regularly logging in (evade automatic inactive account deletion) and suddenly being granted free slots for just being an “old” user. It just doesn’t seem fair to all those who actually actively participated in the Postcrossing community. If this were to be implemented, a mechanism is also needed to ensure those who entitle, qualify and deserve such award receive the award slot, which may not be easy.

I conditionally supports the birthday card idea. Unlike account anniversary, birthday is a more special day that deserves celebration. You only have birthday once every year (four for those born on Feb. 29, sorry), so receiving a card around that time is extra exciting. In order to be sent a birthday card, one of your sent card should’ve been registered (plus account active AND birthday unchanged & visible). So I think awarding a temporary slot 60 days before birthday (valid for a limited time) may be feasible to facilitate a possible birthday card being sent to the individual having a birthday. (Proposed tagline in email: “Use this award slot to send a card and (hopefully) expect a birthday card in return!”) It must be stated that using this slot is optional and it does not guarantee a birthday card in return.

I am generally interested in this award slot thing. Maybe they can also expand to other events.
cough World Postcard Day cough

I honestly don’t like the birthday idea. I don’t have my birthday public because of privacy reasons. Would I not get the slot if I don’t have my birthday public? If I draw an address and the system tells me it’s for someone’s birthday–that would both give me a pretty good idea of someone’s birthday and make me feel an obligation to send a birthday card.

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Once Postcrossing allowed people to temporarily increase their slots, I forget the occasion, and it ended up making people angry because when they used the extra slots, they had to wait for those extra cards to arrive before they could send more. (So if they could have five traveling, and they got 5 extra slots temporarily, if they used them they would then have to wait until 6 traveling cards were registered before they could send again.) Because of this, I don’t support temporary slot increases. A permanent extra slot awarded on one’s Postcrossing-versary might be okay, but I don’t think it’s necessary.


The postcards sent using the temporary extra slots could have an invisible flag so that the system didn’t count them for the current real limit.

Plus One.

The extra card to sent might be nice for new postcrossers. If it has a special catagory:

There is no need to place it in Expire after 60 days. It can stay in Extra for 365 or 366 days or ofcourse disappears from the Sent list when received and registered.


As a relatively new postcrosser, I have enjoyed the journey. The slow progression of being able to send and receive more postcards. I am almost at 100, finally feeling like a real Postcrosser! I almost get postcards daily, yesterday I got three!! Every few days I get a “hurray” message.

My opinion–leave it as is, it is perfect :blush: :mailbox_closed: :heart:


I’m always wishing for more slots so I’d be happy to have this or any other way to get some more.

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