Reuse an old postcard

Frankly, if every penny counts and it is eat or heat, you have beter ways to spend your money than buying postcards with it. Priorities…

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Now that you mention it, you’re right.

But they expect you (the Sender) to write something. And that they expect you to do it on a “blank slate”, so to speak. They don’t care about what used to be there, if anything, is what I meant. Especially if they don’t know it because they can’t see it because we “labeled” over it.

Now, speaking of the back, most of what people ask you to write there is simply impossible. They seem to forget IT’S A POSTCARD! With a very small physical area. The economy of the form alone argues for a good haiku, not “War and Peace”. Maybe we need to bring back microdots or short links. Hi, Jen. Please see here for my autobiography. Oh, and I’ve taken the liberty of writing YOUR autobiography, too. Oh, and don’t forget to tell me what you think of my in-depth psychoanalysis of your cat. Oh, you don’t have a cat. Hope you enjoy my new novel of a Postcrosser who gets a cat.


Just don’t reuse old postcards, with or without a label on top… people send new postcards, so it’s normal they expect to also receive new postcards.

You can always offer them here on the forum, in the Lotteries or Trades, requests and offers sections, you will sure find people happy to receive them :smile:


I can write very small, so I can write a lot!

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