Returning to Postcrossing

I first became a member of postcrossing in 2011. I made my account inactive in 2019 following the death of my son because I really wasn’t able to keep up with any responsibilities. Now I’ve come back for about one month and I am happy to have the chance to send postcards again. I was allowed to sent 24 postcards and I’ve sent 22. I’m savoring the last 2 because I don’t know when my number of permitted cards will increase. I’ve read the 50/1 information but I can’t make real sense of it. Can anyone explain it to me? Thanks so much.


Hello @RaineyDay
Welcome back :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

At the moment you have 884 sent cards and the next step for sending one more card is 900 - that means, if your 900th card is registered you can send one more card.

And the next step is 950 registered cards for getting one more slot.

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How will I get the 16 more I need registered? Am I just at the mercy of the people I sent to?
Thank you for replying to my question, Bille

And I guess my question is this: When a postcard I sent is registered, does that give me a new chance to send one? I’m not so much asking for my number to increase, but to work within that 26 that I’ve almost sent to. Do one registration mean a space will open back up?

Yes, of course - everytime someone registers a card that you sent you can draw a new address.

But because you asked about the 50/1 rule I thought you would like to know when you get one more slot in total.

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And if you don’t want to wait, join any of the dozens of fun tags and you can send and received cards much faster!

Welcome back! Such a tragic reason to leave, but a good sign of life to feel the interest in returning and connecting with all the wonderful people here on Postcrossing!


(((hug))) Welcome back :heart:


What are these tags you speak of? Thanks.

Some of the most fun you can have on Postcrossing! There are Tags for tons of different interests - and here’s the Directory with links to them

Or, if you’re interested in doing Tags (or Round Robins) with only other Postcrossers in the US and Canada you can go here North America - Postcrossing Community

Of course you can do as many as you want at the same time - no limits.

And there are many Round Robins too, where you sign up and when the group is filled (usually a small number like 4-6) of people with that particular interest, the moderator sends out the address list to everyone in the group and they send cards of that subject to all the other members of a group. That directory is

SO there are many kinds of connecting you can do on Postcrossing - you get to experiment and figure out what’s the most rewarding for you.



wish you be happy everyday:)

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Welcome! PM me if you would like me to send you a card! Eugenia