Returned postcards

Had a postcard returned and was seeking information on process after its returned Thanks for assistance on this.

I’d file it away if the recipient isn’t active. If they are active, check if their address has changed. If it hasn’t, you could always message them.

Your only responsibility is to send a card and you have fulfilled this, the rest is voluntary.

Here is another topic about a postcard that was returned a couple of times. Maybe you can find help from there too. :slight_smile:
I would probably go to the post office and ask if they could re-send it if the address is correct.

I would also check how long it travelled. Is it possible it was falsely returned to you, with no effort to send it to the recipient? So they mistakenly read your address as the receiver?

Here, if it’s returned to the sender, there should be a sticker notifying the reason.

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Did you use the right amount of stamps? I also read that US sorting machines have a Problem when there are two addresses written on a card so it might have mistaken your address for the one it is supposed to go to.

i am a philatelist with 50 years of experience …ill check but usually i put several extra stamps on. including global. Always extra postage. But ill ck that thanks.

it contact with recip.
ient here on PC …he does not know what happened either

resend it in an envelope. It happens sometimes. Rare, but happens. I’ve also ended up with other people’s cards occasionally and vice versa, and I usually pass it on in an envelope with a note.

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Did you put your address on the postcard as well? Because sometimes they think that the return address is the address it’s going to. You don’t a return address on postcards. I don’t if that’s what happened or not

I recently had a letter returned from a pen pal I have written to many times. It was returned 2 months after I sent it, with a note from the recipient’s country marked “insufficient address,” although I have never had a problem before sending to the same address. I sent my pen pal a message and my pen pal wrote back that yes, the address I used was ok. My pen pal reported having had other problems with friends who sent things getting them returned marked “insufficient postage” even though the postage was fine, etc. My pen pal thinks that the post office in their country is really stressed because of COVID mail backlogs and is just randomly sending back piled up mail because they are too embarassed to deliver it or something.

I am trying really hard here not to identify my pen pal or my pen pal’s country because of course this is just one data point and it may really just be an exception. But this thread makes me wonder…

It happens & it could be a workplace that is toxic eh? Some postal services are brutal to their workers. But remember literally BILLIONS, probably TRILLIONS of pieces of lettermail get to their destination in a matter of days & weeks regularly, but yes, there are some challenges from time to time. :smile:

Oh. I got this letter returned to me yesterday. The front has an address written in Chinese because I read in the forum that writing like that will make it travel faster. Instead the letter came back. So probably the machine read my address only?

This has happened to me too. And just like in your letter, I had my address in the back, and so was the cancellation. Just a mistake.

I was told I can just drop it in the mail box again and to cross over my address.

Sending to Taiwan doesn’t need an address written in Chinese characters. Their post office is reliable. Most of Taiwanese user only provide address in English.

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I’ve only gotten my postcard returned because it was too big…thank god I put my address on it to because it would’ve been a waste of $1.30 of stamps if I didn’t…since the card was massive I was supposed to put a None Machinable surcharge stamps for big envelopes like what invitations use

@S_Tuulia awesome then I can reusite.
@yudi it gives me great pleasure to write in other people’s own language so it was a surprise art mail but never got there. Will try again. Thank you so much