Retrieving Hurray Message

Hello Friends.

Recently I’m facing some glitches in my email server. Have not received any emails from anywhere in last 5 days. Meanwhile on Postcrossing website, I could see that two of my Postcards have been delivered. I didn’t get any Hurray Message for the same. I would love to read what recipient has written while registering my card.

Is there any way to retrieve Hurray Message in Postcrossing Website ? May I request to get email again as soon as my mailbox is restored ?

No, there isn’t. Postcrossing doesn’t store the messages.

You could ask the receiver of your card if they could send the message again. They might have checked of the option to receive a copy of the message.

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Have you checked you spam folder in case your spam filter started delivering them there? Sometimes it could happen.

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This seems to have happened to me, as well. It’s so disappointing! I would love to go back and read those messages again, but since they were only stored via my email (and the email server was switched up), I no longer seem to have them. I can’t even find the user to request it again, because I don’t know which user it was! (I only remember the profile and part of the message they sent.)

I wonder if we could make a suggestion to add this option on the site itself? Maybe attach a copy of it to the postcard ID, but only the sender or recipient can view it?

The Postcrossing team tested it some years ago, but it was a short lived experiment. The messages were visible only to sender and receiver, but there still were privacy and other issues.

Once there were problems with certain e-mail accounts. Luckily there was only one Hurray message I never received.

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