Results of the poll for the most beautiful Slovak stamp of the year

Hello everyone,
like every year, the Slovak Post has finally published the results of the poll for the most beautiful Slovak stamp (of 2022). Here are the results:

And the winning stamp of the year is…
200th anniversary of the birth of important personalities of the Štúr generation! Which is a stamp I voted for!!!

2nd place is…
ART: Ján Rombauer (1782 – 1849)

And the 3rd place is…
EUROPA 2022: Stories and Myths – “Lomidrevo”

Which one of those 3 stamps you like the most?
Does your country also have this kind of poll?


I really like all three but in my opinion the Europa stamp was the most beautiful, I was in Slovakia this week and used some of them, I read up about the story behind it which is really interesting as well. Definitely cool they have a poll! Here in the Netherlands we don’t have such thing unfortunately.


I like 3rd place the best. But I love things COLORFUL!!!

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I like “colourful” too, but I like the #1 stamp best, because, for me, the old-fashioned style is irresistible. :blush:

€4, great, that means I’ll never get it on a card or letter. :unamused:

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Number 2 caught my eye and I was curious about the event it portrayed:

Ján Steinhübel
In 1836 he created a large painting, St. Martin on a horse. It is part of the collection of the SNM – The Museum of Spiš in Levoča. It is signed and dated on a stone in the bottom left corner. … Rombauer portrayed St. Martin, the Bishop of Tours, as a Roman soldier on a horse, who, after he saw a lame beggar, cut up his gown with a sword and gave him half. According to Roman law, only half of his gown belonged to a soldier, the other half belonged to the exchequer (official of the State), so he only gave away what belonged to him…

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St. Martin had better given away the half belonging to the exchequer! :crazy_face:


I liked stamp.2, all have nice engraving which are rarely done by any country nowadays, India don’t have suvh polls for selecting best stamp of the year:(

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