Resizing images

Is there a way I can resize an image in a post?

For example how can I make this image smaller in size?

When you upload from your device you can change it in the preview window (see on the right below).

But there is another way, you can see it in the edit box :slight_smile:

30% size:



I upload image taken from website (not upload from my device). On the preview window on the left section there is no option to adjust the image size like 50%, 75% and 100%. The preview window is empty and blank except the image I want to display.

I want to learn the code for adjusting image size. Is there a code for me to input manually? In the old forum, I can easily done this with:

[*img=100x100]Insert image URL address here[/img]

But it is not possible in the new forum.

I tried to copy and paste your code but it is not working for me. It still display the image in its original size.

Even I drag and drop the image URL address in the Editor. There is no option to adjust the image size like the 50%, 75% and 100%.

Thank you for your help!

Try hovering over the image, can you see the 100%, 75% and 50% options?

When you upload the image from your device, you’ll see the file name and the upload location, something like this:


You could then add the resize percentage to it, 40% in this case:

![ee14a148d2be2ff0c7436902dbeaf67bdc63a1e5_2_340x430|340x430, 40%](upload://pPGLuaExGzkAnDffE4TYt3BFurg.png)


If you’re uploading the image from a URL, you could add the dimensions inside the first square brackets.



Will resize the image from this:

to this:


Yes! It is so easy now! The code that I want is this:

! [ 50 x 50 ] ( Insert Image URL address here )

Thank you so much for such a clear explanation! It is very helpful! Thank you, both so much! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: