Reservations to a restaurant by postcard

Today, I learned about the restaurant called The Lost Kitchen in Maine. It’s a pretty interesting story, but what made me share is the fact that in order to get a reservation, you must send them a postcard!
You can find out how here:

I was watching a news story about it and there were images of the boxes of postcards they have received. Some of them were quite creative. It made me wonder if any Postcrossers have ever sent them one.


Thank you for sharing the story. Sooooo cool!!!

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Thank you, this is amazing. I wished I would live in Maine and be able to visit them


PBS News Hour - The Lost Kitchen

The Lost Kitchen was just featured on PBS. I’m including the link, so you can get a little “taste” of what to expect!

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Great story! Hmmmm…I want a reservation!

Thank you for sharing! This is so interesting.