Requests for americans to not use the round international stamps?

I’ve seen this here and there in profiles (e.g. User yerres, from France).

Does anyone know specifically why? - i.e. if it’s a functional issue or simply related to wanting to receive a range of stamps?

Thank you


Mostly because people think it’s boring to get the same stamp over and over again. Like all things in profiles, it is simply a request. You are not obligated.


It’s simply about the fact that plenty of American mail carriers that stamp, so people get bored and want to see something new :slight_smile:

People often ask for commemorative, nice, unique stamps. There is no need to comply with these requests. Sometimes it is impossible. They rarely have “unique” stamps in my post office. Sometimes I order online, but quite often I am not able to fulfill such requests. Apparently this user is very interested in the variety of stamps they receive.


Thank you everyone

Statements like these in the profile referenced above frustrate me! I still think this organization is all about the postcards and the people behind them - NOT about stamp collecting!

Here in the US we have basically two options for all International postage - both cards & letters: one of the International Stamps (round) or some combination of Domestic Stamps that equal or exceed the International rate (currently $1.30; $1.40 after 7/10/22). There are a large number of combinations of Domestic stamps that can equal International postage; there are members who try for the minimum number (raising hand) and likely an equal number trying for as many as will fit!

Certainly, more stamps allow us to try to find something that matches the card and/or the recipient’s preferences (e.g., “my favorite sport is rowing” - I gotcha on that! Or, you like astronomy? Great! Coming up is a stamp featuring the Webb Telescope which I also like!).

Here in the US, local and even regional post offices often don’t have all the current available stamps. They can easily be purchased online at face value plus a small handling fee, but you do have to buy a full sheet or coil. You have to consider how many stamps any given user has or can afford to keep on hand. Maybe you’re a fan of modern art, but I am not, so I am less likely to buy a sheet of modern art stamps just for your card.

Finally, I buy and choose stamps and cards that are representative of me. 99% of the time, I can find something that we share in common for the card or stamp or both. For me, that makes a good exchange and good Postcrossing!

{climbing off soap box!}


Many of us don’t have an option to find stamps that are not round. Perhaps we can order them online, but I’m not aware of any other source locally (for me, personally). I have not seen non-round international stamps for probably 6 or 7 years.


I wish that were true, but here the ONLY international stamp I can buy is a round sunflower. I think the stamp is lovely, however, and would probably buy it even if I had other options.


Post office doesn’t have stamps… I experienced that in Italy.
Total failure.

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Some postcrossers are stamp collectors, so they want more variety to their collection. Anyhow I think American postcrossers shouldn’t take this seriously because it’s not obligated to fulfil requests, just use any stamps available as long as it’s not under postage :love_letter:

If anyone gets “not nice” comments about the lack of stamp variety, just remind them that this not stampcrossing :wink:


I really don’t quite understand why a simple, non-obligatory, request gets some people twisted into a pretzel?!? It is totally understandable that getting a variety of stamps for mailing may be impossible for some. On the other hand, if you are mailing fairly regularly, then buying a sheet or two of commemoratives from USPS fulfillment is prudent. I have not ONCE used that round stamp. I always get great feedback from others for the variety of stamps I use on my mail, although I am not looking for that.

Moreover, I think PostCrossing should enable a “thumbs-down” or dislike for some of the bizarre comments I have seen in the Forum, including this one… Only a suggestion…


What! I must be one of the few that like the US Global stamps, and the German Flower Definitives (which will be missed).


I would prefer to not have to use the round international stamp. I find most times I do not have stamps enough to equal the international rate unless I use 3 or more stamps, then where do I put them all? Cover the address? Cover the message? I guess you want a postcard full of stamps. Stamp crossing we are not.


Ha! I just bought 10 of the old round poinsetta stamps from the USPS website so I can use them at Xmas


I usually place 5 stamps on my cards to meet the $1.30 and to make the back side fun! My tip: place all the stamps on first, then write the message and address. This way the stamps don’t cover anything


I would going to make the same suggestion. It really is easier than people imagine to fit multiple stamps on a postcard…not that you are required to.

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@RecycledVisage Actually you can buy small amounts of stamps from USPS on-line, typically sheets or books of 20, and they have a better selection than most physical locations. I always get some of the green $1 Liberty (I like the design & texture, and it easily gets me to $1.30). They even have older stuff; I recently bought more Christmas and Days of the Dead, to make sure I have them on hand for later. Just go to and click on stamps in the shopping area. They have other fun stuff to buy also (I got the Raven pin, very nice). I typically order each month now just to pick up a few nice extras, plus I’m looking forward to the cute elephants coming out later this summer!!


Thanks for the heads up. I knew you could order stamps online, but I never have…glad to know there is a better selection.

they do charge extra for the other things which is a bummer…I had picked out a shirt for $10 but the shipping fee was another $10. Yuck. But they didn’t charge any extra for the nice Raven pin


Hi, as a work of art the Forever stamps are lovely. But exceedingly huge‼️ and not in a good way
I’m going to find out it, if it can resize to more manageable size. It takes a lot of space in a standard postcard size :roll_eyes:
Also, my local PO only carries the 2020 issued stamp. The 2022 is an African daisy, just gorgeous :heart_eyes: