Requested help, but sorted it

Hi, so I requested help to find a postcard ID, and now I don’t need it as I sorted and solved the ID out, does any one know if you cancel the request? Thanks…

If I remember correctly, you’ll see your request for help if you go to your list of received postcards. There you should be able to cancel it.


Yep, you can! As @Norway_girl says, to do that:

  • Select Postcards from the top menu, then select Received Postcards from the drop-down.
  • At the top of the Received Postcards page is the status of the search. You should be able see an option to cancel it, if is still searching.

Thank you both @Norway_girl and @shanaqui sorted it, before I could cancel it Postcrossing had found the postcard, and I’d already registered it!

It was only because the postal worker was carrying the mail loose in the rain, so the ink had run on the ID… Not very good of my postal worker! Oh well…

Many thanks again…