[Request] West Virginia Cards

i grew up in west virginia and would really love any cards related to west virginia for the nostalgia. you could be sending them from anywhere or from west virginia, just any west virginia-themed card you may have—including vintage, used, new, anything. if unused, i’d love for you to write a message on the card, especially if you also have memories in west virginia!

i can offer one card in return to each person who sends one. if you have a west virginia card, send me a message and i can find a card in my collection that fits your interests. thank you!


Send me a message with your address. I have many WV cards and can send one. Do you prefer landscapes, maps, flowers, or scenic cards (may contain barn, bridge, coal equipment)?

No card necessary in return unless you have a WA card I don’t have… but that would be a look at my flickr album or my favorites if you wanted to. Either way I will send you a WV card.

PM Sent!