(REQUEST/SWAP) US Postcrossers - Waterfalls Oversized Postcard Set

I just purchased the Waterfalls Oversized Postcard Set from USPS; this one:

I would love to have these in my own collection with the matching stamps, written and having taken an adventure through the postal system. Are there any US postcrossers who also have this set that would like to do a swap for written cards (some decorating is ok too, only if you like to do so) and matching stamps? Ideally, we would swap the same postcard/stamp.

If so, please send me a message (through the forum, not through the main site). Thanks :smiley:

Deer Creek Falls (received official)
Nevada Falls
Harrison Wright Falls (swap with @breeze2902; mailed August 13)
Lower Falls of the Yellowstone River (swap with @dchristian75 ; mailed February 25)
Waimoku Falls
Stewart Falls
Niagara Falls (swap with @CorinneJKS; mailed September 17)
Dark Hollow Falls
Grotto Falls (swap with @June22; mailed July 19)
Sunbeam Falls (swap with @Hazygirl; mailed July 16)
Lasalle Canyon Waterfall
Upper Falls


I’ll DM you!

Updated to include list of all available postcards. I have a couple inquiries that haven’t chosen a card yet, but I would love to arrange some more swaps if there is more interest :slight_smile:

I am still looking for folks who would like to exchange cards in this waterfall postcard set. :slight_smile:

Alternatively, if perhaps you have the set and are interested in sending them out but not receiving them in return, I could also find something different to send you that you may enjoy for your own collection?

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Sending DM

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I would still love to swap these waterfalls cards if there is any interest. :grin:

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I have this set and would love to swap with you @RuhRohRaggy

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I’m so glad you did this! :star_struck:There was a specific one I wanted in my collection. Sending you a message!