Request: Postcards of Maori people Offer: Japanese New Year postcard

greetings from Japan,

would anyone like to exchange a postcard of Maori people (photo image) for a Japanese New Year postcard from me? i prefer stamped and written. if you could show me your offer, that would be wonderful.

i can send either stamped and written or written / blank in an envelope.

please post under this thread and message me if you would like to exchange with me. thank you!

happy holiday season!

here are my offers:

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greetings from Japan,

i also have a question. is it difficult to get Maori people postcards in NZ ? i was once in Auckland, Hamilton and Rotorua long time ago. in Rotorua, i met Maori people in person and saw the traditional ceremony by them. but i did not have time for looking around postcards of them there unfortunately. in Auckland and Hamilton, i do not think i saw postcards of them - i could only find some viewcards.

so i have no postcards by them.

i am still looking for cards of them if anyone would like to swap with me.

thanks very much :slight_smile: