Request: Need postcard from Delaware - thanks!

Thank you Postcrossers from North Dakota and Oklahoma! I now only need a postcard from Delaware. It does not need to be sent from origin. I’d prefer a photograph card with a picture of a town from the state. I could trade you a postcard from my town in return (Davis, CA) - I have several to choose from - or others per your interest. Thanks!

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I lived in North Dakota for a few years, I’ll be happy to swap one for a Davis postcard, but it will be mailed from Texas. Please PM your address! :slight_smile:

I live in a tiny town in Oklahoma and usually send out a card I had made…

it’s this pic with some wording on it…i can’t find the pic of the finished card on this computer. I have other cards from Tulsa and from meetups in the area

Thanks - I was really looking for a “touristy” card. I do like the one you make though - could you add “Greetings from …, OK” (your town’s name)?

It has my town name on it and the name of the statue in the finished product. if you go to my profile you can look at my sent cards as it is my typical official card when people like touristy or town cards. feel free to message me your address.

That sounds perfect - thanks so much! I’d love one of your cards!

what can I send you in return?


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Who are you?

I sent you a message on the email part of the forum…do you know how to use that? you click on your picture in the top right hand corner and then click on the envelope symbol and it will take you to the messaging area. You need to know how to do that to participate in the round robins etc :slight_smile: so much fun to be had there, so you don’t want to miss out!

Yes! I saw your address - and your card is ready to go! Would you like me to take a picture of it?

what IS a Round Robin? I’ve heard the term, but don’t know how they work. what do you enjoy about them?

picture is not necessary. yours will be in the mail in the morning when i go to work :smiley:
a round robin is the term used for the groups where people sign up to send to others…you can sign up for some that are mostly the USA here in the North America part of the forums…or go to the Round Robin page on the main part and it will be international. I will give you a link to one of my favorite ones that is quick and easy to join without too many cards needing to be promised…

on the usa said the us to us group is a very good place to start. it is quite active and they will help you along the way with any questions too. [RR] US to US Surprise Me -Themeless Fun From Hawaii to Maine! (Updated) - #9580 by wmiz77

round robins can be as few as 2-3 people or some are as large as 50, so always read the first few posts in any topice to learn the rules for the group. You can gauge how much postage you are going to spend by the number of participants and whether they are foreign or domestic…not all of the north america will be specific to the usa but it tends to be heavily usa, so you save a lot of money there.

you can also join TAGs…and tags are where you are obligated to send to the last person who posted in that topic. you respond as I tag xxxxx and then reply with your requests based on the topic of the tag. you then private message the person you tagged for their address and tell them it is for whatever tag (you can quickly message them by clicking on their picture in the post…might be a right click…the option to message comes up!). you will get a message sometime later…could be hours, or it could be weeks…and someone will send to you! there is a topic at the top of the page about how RRs work etc. and this is the main RR page for the international area.

if you start joining RRs you will want to start to bookmark them so you can easily return and report your cards are sent or what you have received. Whenever I decide to sign up for one I hit the bookmark right after I post. The bookmark button is at the bottom of the page underneath the last post and it looks like a little dog eared page and says Bookmark. Once you have something bookmarked you can hit the bookmark tab at the top of the main forum page (the page you arrive at when you hit the forum button on the official postcrossing site) and it will filter to just the groups you are currently active in (those you have bookmarked!)

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as for what to enjoy…I got involved in the RRs because it took a very long time for me to be able to send a lot of postcards on the main site. My 1st 2 went to Russia and took over a year to be registered. Almost all of my 1st cards were going to Russia or China and taking a very long time, so I had to wait 2 months for the slots to open back up before I could send more cards! I was bored and looking for more ways to be active. I joined the North America monthly RR (something extremely hard to join these days as it closes within hours of being opened for the next month) and got busy sending 30 to 50 cards to mostly usa people each month. It gave me something to do, something to look forward to in the mail, and I got to know a good core of active postcrossers. I eventually became a host for several forum groups and only gave up those duties after going full time at the post office about a year and a half ago. I miss being a host but I was not able to write cards anymore–the hosting activities were taking all of my limited spare time in the winter and it was not really fun anymore. I am slowly getting back to joining RRs but I am doing much better at keeping up with my officials…I can now send 38 at a time…so quite often I am a little behind and have some open slots. haha. like today…I plan on writing over 10 cards…I think I have 13 slots open. I was very depressed when I started postcrossing, and between it and my (then) part time job at the post office, I was able to focus on other things in my life and either thru time or more activity my depression eventually lifted :heart:

wow! I collect stamps, so have about 12 cards going at a time now - only abroad. How exciting to work in the post office. I’ve collected stamps all my life, and my Dad worked in the post office - so it was always somehow my dream job. Ended up with a different career - but now in retirement I’m rejoining the postcard and stamp collecting world - and enjoying it very much! Thanks! Judy

the post office is about my 4th career. I wanted to be a clerk after college, and still do, but rural carriers are the only craft that can not go anywhere but into management. I am career now, so unless I want to start over like someone off the street I am stuck in delivery or have to go be a supervisor…I don’t see a future in the management area at the moment…there are too many and they are downsizing some operations. So as I deliver my own route and live 2 blocks away, so long as my dad is alive and can help me with maintaining a car to deliver out of, I will continue to deliver :slight_smile: I also love stamps but do not have a proper collection. I just love to look at them as they come in. You can buy vintage usa stamps that are still good for sending out cards on ebay! You can also save some money because they are routinely sold for 70% of their value by bulk resalers. They buy estate lots and get rid of the boring ones at a discount price. I love to use these for foreign collectors. I learned thru postcrossing that you can cover both sides of an envelope with the postage needed. so I will send an official in an #10 envelope that is fully covered with as many low value stamps as I can fit and just one forever stamp. They usually LOVE it as they rarely get to see the 1,2,3c stamps anymore and I really love the old engraved stamps. I keep my stamps divided by value and some are grouped by theme…like space, halloween, xmas, and when I can get them…I keep the Will Rogers 3c and 15c stamps in a special place because he is from my hometown. I will usually ask the resalers to send me any and all of his stamps if they happen to have them. Sometimes I get very lucky.