(Request) ISO Some Specific UK Postcards to US


I live in the US in the middle of the country, in Minneapolis MN. I’d love to get some specific postcards from a couple of specific regions.

If you can send me one, I’d be happy to send you one!

I’m looking for postcards from Richmond, UK (in London–the site of Ted Lasso), especially but not limited to cards with images of Richmond Green, the phone boxes there, the pub.

Yeah, I’m a Ted Lasso fan.

I’m also looking for postcards from Shetland. Images of the place, stories from you, and so on. I love that place so much. I’ve been twice and was planning another trip for 2020 and 2022, but Covid got in the way.

Let me know what kind of postcard you want from me? I have some random stuff, book related stuff, and pictures I’ve taken on our travels around the US and in Shetland. Or I’ll look for some specific US postcards if you want.

DM me to get my address and give me yours!

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Hi @KnittingDyke
I have a card of a Lerwick fishing boat, from my trip to Shetland some years ago. It’s not a Shetland view as such. I can DM you the picture if you would like, or just send it to you and hope you like it!

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Thanks! I sent you a DM.

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Hmm… I can’t see a message from you, and when i try to message you, the system says that I cannot because you haven’t sent your first postcard. Maybe wait until your first card is received, and try again.

Hi @KnittingDyke I’m not sure if it’s worth mentioning, but there is more than one Richmond in the UK. When I started to read your post I immediately thought of Richmond in Yorkshire, but once I got to ‘Ted Lasso’ I realised my mistake. But just in case, your Richmond is The Royal Borough of Richmond on Thames, but generally just referred to as Richmond.
The other is much further up North in North Yorkshire & is home to our current Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, when he’s not in London.
Hope you’re able to find the cards you’re looking for & Welcome to Postcrossing! :blush: x



Thanks for pointing that out. Sorry about that. I wish I could edit it.

Richmond in London for the Ted Lasso near the Richmond Green.

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I just wouldn’t want you to receive a postcard from the wrong place :blush: if you click on the little pencil icon at the bottom of your post you should be able to edit it x


Thanks so much. I’m new to here this week. I’ve edited it!

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