[Request] International postcard rate stamps of UK OFFER: IRC/US Stamps

Hi there~

I need 6 international postcard rate stamps of UK, I’m offering some International reply coupon Japan and some US stamps:

PS: Mississippi stamp will be sent without plastic cover

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Hi Freddy,

If you don’t get a reply, perhaps consider swapping your IRCs in the UK at Royal Mail? They should give you the equivalent stamps as well.

Current airmail rate is £2.20 (international standard) while seamail rate is £2 (international economy)

1st class is worth 1.10 at the moment, to be increased to 1.25 in October.

PS. Please let me know if you’re open to swapping the Japan IRC for something else like cards or stamps. I’m based in Singapore

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Freddy I am in the UK and can help you :blush:

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Yes, I’m open for swap IRC

What items are you looking for?

Postcards? I also have some FDC of China and US if you are interested.

I’ll PM you

I’m in UK if you need help ?

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Sure… Sending you PM