Request - First Graders Learning About The World!

UPDATE Thank you to everyone who sent cards so far. Attached is a photo of the cards and the map. If anyone else would like to participate, they will be taking cards through the end of May. Thank you for helping first graders learn about the world!

Hello Wonderful Postcrossing Community! (first time posting)
My daughter’s first grade class will soon be learning about goods and services in our community. Medina, Ohio, where we live, is known for A.I. Root Candles, which revolutionized beekeeping and beeswax candles. Her teacher is asking for postcards from around the world which illustrate and/or describe the goods and services in your community! They will then look up your community on a map and display the cards.
If you would like to participate, please send postcards to:

Heritage Elementary School
c/o Mrs. Pantoja
833 Guilford Blvd.
Medina, Ohio 44256
United States of America
(This is a public address and I understand it is being posted on a public forum.)

Thank you in advance for your time and generosity!
Happy Postcrossing!


Pm sent

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DM sent

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Sending a postcard from Arizona :heart:

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Sending from Vermont :blush:

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Sending from Minnesota!

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Now i must find a card showing some kind of goods and services!! This is important! Its for the kids!.


Will send one from Vancouver Island on Canada’s west coast!


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My sending returned to me today, with the label: “Return to sender temporarily away unable to forward.” What is going on, how can be the school “temporarily away”?

I have no idea. Are you able to check the address again to make sure it was all written correctly? Others have made it there…I’m not sure what happened… :frowning:

I will put it in another envelope, a bit bigger, and resend, ok?

Sounds great. I have no idea what happened but I appreciate you taking the time and stamps to send it again. They will greatly appreciate it. I didn’t get as many people participating and am a little disappointed :confused:

I can’t help but notice that the post from the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota is pinned to Wisconsin. :laughing:

Does the class need postcards from California, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Indiana or Georgia?
Are they lacking a postcard from France, England or Scotland?

Sure! This class would love to receive cards for anywhere! If you know anyone who can send cards from any of those areas and talk a bit about goods and services in that area, the kids and teacher would greatly appreciate it. The card image doesn’t have to pertain specifically to goods/services if you don’t have one…just write a little something about it :slight_smile: Any cards would be awesome!
(did I pin this post incorrectly? This is my first time using the forum, so I’m still learning)

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Interesting you say that because schools especially seem to get a great response usually. I wonder if your post sorta got ‘lost’ in the forum? :thinking::face_with_monocle:

Anyhoo! Postcard on the way from the U.K. :smiling_face::heart_hands:


I was surprised too… my card is already sent and on the board I just noticed :grin:, but I hope you will get much more Megan!
Maybe you should change the title of the topic a little bit so people see it is as different project??

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I changed it. Fingers crossed!

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Ha ha, no I just meant that in the photo, the Mayo Clinic has a string pointing it to Wisconsin, but the Mayo Clinic is in fact, in Rochester, MN! :crazy_face:

It’s just made me laugh because it’s a geography project!

Thanks for responding so quickly, I’ll send a few cards in an envelope this week!

Oh! Hahaha! I didn’t even notice! Oops! :stuck_out_tongue: I’m not the teacher, just a parent.

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Another postcard on its way from Victoria, BC, Canada!


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