Request: Cartoon "Send more tourists ..."

Hi all, this request is from Germany.
Long time ago I’ve been to Australia - back then I’ve found (and send to people) 2 great cartoons with crocodiles:
the first said: “Send more tourists, the last one was delicious.”
and the second was a doctor telling a fat crocodile: “I put you on a strict diet. No more than 1 tourist a month.”

I would love to have them for myself.
So wanted to ask if someone has one of them and wants to swap (or sell) or if the cards are still produced, does someone know, where I can get them?


I don’t have what you want, but your second cartoon reminded me of a joke:

First cannibal says to the second cannibal, “I don’t like your mother-in-law.”
Second cannibal says to the first cannibal, “So just eat the noodles!”

Dark humor, but in line with the above :blush:


I have a rattlesnake card that says “send more tourists!”

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Thank you for the offer. I’m really looking for the Australian cards, because they remind me of the time I spent there and also they represent a kind of family joke (my fathers worst fear when I announced I was travelling to Australia).


I’ve not seen a postcard like this…but if I do, I’ll try and grab one for you. It sounds like something you’d see in FNQ or the NT. :+1:t2:

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Is this the type of thing you mean?

This is a lenticular card, and the link is for a wholesale supplier I think. But you could contact them and see if you can buy just one? Or at least find out where they might be in stock.


Thank you!
That’s very similar to “my” card - only that mine only showed a big, happy crocodile (without a person in its mouth) and it wasn’t 3D. But 3D is fun too.
I’m gonna contact them - and continue to watch out for the “old” cards.

Yes, they came from the northern part of Australia, but I can’t remember where exactly I’ve found them. Maybe around Cairns or NT or northern West Australia.

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