🦇 Request Blank Cards from Austin, TX

I used to live in Austin for a short period of time. And havnt been back for quite some time. I’m in Houston which isn’t far but Im unable to go back and visit. It’s such a fun and beautiful city. I was hoping someone has some or can pick some Austin focused postcards up for me. I would like anything that represents the city (not interested in the murals) tourist of the city is good, the bats, maybe some lantern press Austin cards if you can find any. I’m open to most anything. I would like them blank and in return you can have blank or written cards from me!

Here is my album


This may not be what you’re looking for, but PostcardFair has the “large letter” style postcards for sale on Amazon here
And then also in their pack of 20 different Texas postcards, there is a card showing the State Capitol building and is labeled as being Austin, but they don’t sell this card separately

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I have some! I’ll send you a PM

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