Request: Bamburgh castle

To British postcrossers: I’m looking for postcards showing Bamburgh Castle, written and stamped from UK.
In exchange, I can send you postcards from Italy or stationery items such as stickers and wax seals.
Waiting for your feedback!!!

I don’t have one at the moment but I live fairly close so if I head that way I will try to remember - might not be for a while though so maybe someone else has one.

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Hello @theadventurer :wave: I’ve found two postcards of Bamburgh Castle, I’d be happy to send them - I’ll send you a message with some pictures later today and you can let me know if they’re what you’re looking for :blush:


Still available to swap if you can help with my Bamburgh castle cards collection!!!

I’ve just dug around in my postcard box and I have a vintage design ‘Bamburgh’ postcard from the National Railway Museum. It shows the castle - will drop you a message!

Thank you! Just replied to your message.

Thread still open, guys…:smile: