[REQUEST] anything related to Shah Rukh Khan and "Pathaan"

Hello dear friends! :blush:

I am big fan of Shah Rukh Khan.
His new film, “Pathaan”, has been recently released.
I am very impressed with this it and want to find something related to this movie. It can be postcards, flyers, movie tickets, stickers… anything that can be sent in an envelope.
I am also looking for anything related to Shah Rukh himself and his other films.

In return I can send you postcards (will show my swap album in PM) or stamps, stickers, or other paper items. Let me know what you are interested in and we can exchange.

Thanks in advance,


Give me 2 weeks my friend and I shall send you. Can’t do anything right now because I am travelling until March 5th.



Thank you dear Sagar :slight_smile:
Will be waiting.

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Dear Postcrossers from India,

I have a related question. Are Shah Rukh Khan postcards easily available in big cities? Family member will be in Jaipur soon. Would he be able to easily find one or do you know of a particular place that sells them? I need one for someone who loves Shah Rukh Khan. :pray:

Thank you in advance!

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I have never seen any postcard related to Bollywood movies, not only Sahrukh Khan. Postcards are limited to view cards and some illustrated cards. Even online shops do not have postcards related to Bollywood movies and stars.


There were many postcards related to Bollywood, printed in India in 70-90th. I bought some of them on eBay, but now I don’t have such an opportunity because of sanctions.