Replying to specific post

Not sure if this is a bug or if it’s just mobile display, when I reply to a specific post it used to show that user’s little profile picture. Now it doesn’t?
I’m sure I’m hitting reply from their replies so it’s not that I’m replying to the overall topic.
Just a tiny thing I’m unsure if it still notifies them.

Edit here’s what I’m seeing. I’m 100% sure I replied to the person above me, I saw their name pop up in the top of my reply box.

LOL pls ignore all my opened tabs

I’ve seen the same, that I reply to a specific post and then it doesn’t show an arrow + the avatar of the person I reply to.
I don’t remember if it happens all the time or just now and then.

Right? Like right now I’m replying to you I see the arrow, your profile picture and user but when I post it it disappears from the interface

And I am replying to you to test it this situation too. Let’s see when I click “reply”. :thinking:

Now replying to Norway_Girl to see if it makea a difference.

Okei, after testing my logic seems to make sense: it only shows the picture if you are replying to someone who is far behind (more than 1 post after your reply). I think this happens because that way we will know you are replying to that person from many posts before instead of the person before you. In this case (the person before you), there is no need for the system to show who are you replying to because it will assume that you are continuing the conversation from that last post (even if you are directly replying to them).

Does this - my english - make sense? I can explain it better in portuguese in my mind. :sweat_smile:


this is 100% correct :slight_smile:


Ooh I am trying it now thank you for the explanation

Edit: hooray you have solved the mystery tysm


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