Reply button doesn't work whenever I press that button

Hi, I’ve a question about the “Reply button”. Every time when I press the reply button, I don’t see my post as a reply, but as a normal post. I click on the reply button and not the blue reply button. Does anyone know why I can’t reply? I’m using Edge, don’t know if it’s a web browser issue or not. Thanks in advance!

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That’s intended. There are only 2 slight differences between the two reply buttons.

  1. When using the reply button at a post, the author of that post gets informed about a new reply.
  2. When it’s not a direct reply (there are multiple postings in between) the two postings are linked like this:
    Original post notes how many replies are there and get revealed with a click on it

    Reply is marked at the top right as a reply to a specific posting

When there is only 1 reply to a posting, directly following (beneath each other) it’s not visible though. Only when there will be another reply to the same post.

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@Cassiopheia: ah… thanks. I’ll try if it works when I don’t directly reply following the post :smile: I was getting frustrated why it doesn’t work and it works for other members :rofl:

Now I replied directly to your first post, so that you can see it :slight_smile:

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Testing testing… to a post that you earlier posted, if I can see a ‘reply’ now :smile:

Look, it’s just beneath my posting you replied to (when you click on it)

This does not show well on mobile though.

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Thanks for your explanation and help :smile:

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