Replace the Forum button on mobile website

I don’t know if I’m the only one who regularly encounters the problem that it’s not so easy to use the Postcards dropdown menu on the mobile version of Maybe I’m too clumsy, but I’m often redirected to the Forum when I want to draw addresses or register a postcard on my mobile devices because unintentionally I click on “Forum” instead of “Postcards”. So I either have to enlarge the view for every address or I’m redirected to the Forum and have to go back in my browser. I think it would be an improvement if for example “Help” would be placed underneath “Postcards” instead of “Forum”. It’s easier to adjust the finger if just another dropdown menu would open instead of being redirected.

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This happens to me, too! It is rather annoying. Always tapping the same place in the hopes that this time, it will be interpreted as the correct button by the software… Maybe the height of the buttons could be enlarged?

I use the mobile version, but I don’t think I have ever used the Postcards dropdown menu. I find it so much easier to click either of these icons:

I definitely have clumsy fingers, maybe that is why I prefer these shortcuts!